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Norman: "Not important."
Emma: "And how can we save her?"
Norman: "Not a priority."
Emma: "But how come?"
Norman: "You are not allowed to ask questions. There is no further clarification available at this time. Stop hyperventilating, you have cystic fibrosis."

(What he says is, "You're freaking out all over Italy!" but the Google on that is just people wondering why the hell he said that, not what the reference actually is. When in doubt, I usually just say it's a line from The Big Lebowski because odds on it is, but given Norman's cineaste tendencies, I'd say that is too recent, so I'm going to say it's from a 1965 Montgomery Clift movie about a Zen bowler who freaks out all over Italy called How Green Was My Chifforobe.)

Emma: "How about some adorable kissing?"
Norman: "Mother is all that is going on right now. Not you, not Bradley, not Jiao. Also, the kissing is weird for secret other reasons on top of the usual weird reasons."
Emma: "Hey, did your mom actually kill Keith Summers? That guy was the worst! I would actually be really impressed if..."
Norman: "She most certainly did not. Now if you'll excuse me, I have a date with a bail bondsman."

One thing that has been interesting to track has been Norma's habit -- and increasingly Norman's -- of just outright rejecting consensus reality and substituting her own. In one way it's a crazy person thing to do, but it's also how shit gets done.

Hester Prynne the actual character -- not our cultural gloss on the character -- is a dignified religious hermit who knows exactly what she's doing, living out in the wilderness with her feral child and rejects at every point the inclusive gestures of the townspeople, because she knows about the hidden costs (and knives) that come with them. She's one of my heroes, because she knows what she knows and she sticks to her convictions, and they don't come from anywhere except herself and her relationship with God: By removing herself from the context, she can diagnose the context better than anybody who stayed, who hates or fears her and she is correct about them.

And when you think about revolutions, about the suffragettes and bloodier ones, the thing that keeps cropping up is that in order to change anything, you have to be super weird. You have to exist outside the context to understand the context, but then you also take a giant step toward crazy when you decide to affect that context. I can't think of a person -- or at least an act -- that's been really pivotal in America's social history that wasn't absolutely balls-out crazy: Rosa Parks wasn't having it, Shulamith Firestone wasn't having it. That's the beauty of the breakdown and we have to catch those people once they're all burnt up and fall back to earth.

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