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He's got his big-boy clothes on and a bouquet of flowers, when she appears, but Norma just breezes past him.

Norman: "Did you see the flowers?"
Norma: "Yeah, great."
Norman: "I brought cab fare..."
Norma: "Go for it. I'm walkin'. Nothing to say to you."

He knows, we know, this isn't the first time Norma's pulled this particular routine. You need a hard reset sometimes. She doesn't know she's doing it, but this is right out of the playbook: Alienation, abandonment, until he's in just enough pain that he comes back to the fold. There's something tired in them, as they fall into those roles, but the point is made: Flowers ain't gonna do it.

And frankly, nothing is going to do it while she's still stuck in this between-place, because he has changed shape: From something she can count on to something that doesn't exist. And they can't focus on the hassle of the ceremony that will change him back until this latest earthquake settles down.


Is played by one of my favorite actors, Lara Gilchrist -- who played my very favorite Gaius Girl, if you're playing Vancouver Bingo -- and she is awesomely dealing with Norma's crazy the next morning.

Norman: "Are you ever going to look at me, Mother?"

She hilariously turns a dead-eyed stare on him for a count of four and then goes back to ignoring him. But she did bring him along, so it's mostly for show at this point.

Craig: "So Keith Summers, huh? Well, we all knew he would be harassing you for buying his..."
Norma: "Nope."
Craig: "...Which is why his truck was so close to your property..."
Norma: "-- How old are you?"
Craig: "33? Grown up? Anyway, maybe he's sabotaging you so you won't be a success at what he..."
Norma: "Not exactly, but too close to the truth. Tell me, what is your aim here? You're establishing a narrative that..."
Craig: "That gets you out of a murder charge, lady. This is your defense. Work with me."
Norma: "I don't need a defense! My defense is, crazily, I didn't do it!"
Craig: "Listen, you need to understand how the law works. This is basic shit. I don't care if you did it or not. This is about innocence of the charge of murder."

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