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More Sweet To Me Than Sunlight


Norma: "Listen, and I'm saying this as much to myself as you, high school boys are ephemeral* in a lot of ways. He might be into her this week, but it doesn't mean anything. You hear me, Emma? IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING. SHE'S NOT ALL THAT."
Emma: "You be the judge."

*(What she actually says is "high school boys are not deep," which my brain heard several rewinds in a row as "high school boys are not people," which frankly. Either way she means, Penelope's got shit to do, whatever feelings they're feeling.)

They peeeeeek around the corner, into the studio and watch Bradley do a bunch of sensual yoga, and eventually Norma kind of fugues out and can't stop imagining like every possible sexual act. It's disturbing and graphic and still just adorable, even the blowjob part that kind of gave me nightmares.

Emma: "We gotta get some food in you, Mrs. Bates."
Norma: "Yeah, I'm losing the plot. You know what, though? I know that girl. She showed up at my door the first day we lived here! Sniffing around like that, just imagine."
Emma: "No problem."


Norman is coaxing the dog, which he has named Juno -- another name for Hera, which is another name for Norma Bates -- onto the porch. It's the whole Petit Prince thing, that taming thing, that "I will be so quiet and still and you won't even know how close you're getting" thing, that I do think is pretty accurate about love, but only if you don't know you're doing it.


Norma has motherfucking had it with this kid and this dog and the whole mess.

Norma: "You don't know anything about that dog. She could have another owner who misses her and is taking her to Prom. More than likely she has had her share of owners. You think you're special? You think you're her first? Look at that creature."
Norman: "Mother, she's totally safe. Just scared. Obviously lost. She has no home. She's lonely. Normal is having a dog."
Norma: "Well, you got me with that last one. Fine. But I'm not taking care of her."

Norma: "Norman, come sit down for the weirdest thing that has ever happened."
Norman: "Sure, I don't see anything ominous about that at all."
Norma: "Sex is a serious thing, Norman."
Norman: "I could have sworn we were talking about a dog."
Norma: "There is nothing funny about this conversation I have now surprised you with. You have to be CAREFUL."

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