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The Man In Number 9

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More Sweet To Me Than Sunlight

Norman: "I know about all that."
Norma: "I don't mean protection, I mean you have to be CAREFUL."
Norman: "Say it in more florid, awful detail."

Norma: "You don't know that girl well enough to be screwing her."
Norman: "First of all, yikes. And second of all, she's totally nice."
Norma: "That remains to be seen. Personally, I don't think nice girls come to your doorstep looking for a guy one day after he moves in. Or sleep with someone they barely know. At the age of 17, no less..."
Norman: "Hold up, you have a dossier on this person?"
Norma: "Bradley Martin. I know everything, Norman. Everything all of the time."

Norma's always-flawless body language launches into overdrive now, as she points and touches various spots all over her body in a totally freaky way -- half-clinical half-careless -- as she's talking. And oh, what is she saying?

"Norman, did you know that having sex with a woman literally affects her physical being? There are chemicals that are released in a woman's body during and after sex that actually alter her. It's like a science experiment. It affects her mind, okay? That's dangerous stuff. That's not something you want to be dabbling around in for fun."

He pulls her back, simply by declaring in his guileless forceful way that yes, I know what you're talking about -- in the most insane way possible -- and yes, I am not a jerk that will just cause girls to go crazy in love with me, except they do and will and yes you are right that oxytocin is a thing and this is why chocolate is delicious, but listen the hell up: I like this girl. This one particular girl. Stop trying to figure out who is the bad guy, who is the man, in this situation: I am devoted to her and she to me. Whatever first sexual experience you were planning on me never happening, this was ideal. So quit.

Norma: "Okay, I buy it. But you know I'm not going down that easy. I have hired Emma to work at the motel several afternoons a week."
Norman: "Is that where you were all day? Hanging around with my spare girlfriend?"
Norma: "Yeah, and I gave her a job and I love her and you will marry her and then she will die and I won't ever have to worry about any of this ever again."
Norman: "What I'm hearing is that you think I can't handle Bradley, like she's too awesome for me, and therefore I should go with weird oxygen girl."

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