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More Sweet To Me Than Sunlight

What Bradley Says: "I shouldn't have done it with someone like you."
What Bradley Means: "I never should have pulled this shit on somebody as special as you, that actually cares for me and would actually take things this far."
What Norman Hears: "Like you're good enough for me."

Eyes suddenly black as coal he tears off into the night, flapping his arms like he does, and she follows, shouting for him to stop, turn back, let her talk him down. Make it right. He can't hear Bradley, though, because somebody else is speaking. Her words, coming out of his mouth.

Mother: "Personally, I don't think nice girls come to your doorstep looking for a guy one day after he moves in. Or sleep with someone they barely know. At the age of 17, no less. I mean really, what kind of girl does that? Invites you over to have sex with them after their dad dies?"

Mother's ramping up for some serious damage, some violent scary shit, when Bradley finally catches up to them. He whirls on her, it's scary and sad and -- given the way this show operates -- not entirely out of the question that he is about to bash her head in.

Norman: "I don't think you're a nice girl."

He starts to fugue out, you can actually see the thing moving in, taking the wheel and then -- because she's Bradley, because she's amazing -- Bradley pushes past the dark clouds gathering, throws her arms around him, drives the demon out. Just instinctively she does this -- embrace-as-exorcism -- and Mother falls to her. For now.

Norman comes back to himself, almost gratefully, and they cry there together in the road. Just a boy and a girl who want more than anything to be happy. No demons, no Mother. Just a mistake everybody saw him about to make, and the heartbreak to follow: "I'm really sorry," she says. "I wish it was different."

It's not a lot, but it's enough. Just barely enough.


Jake: "Hey, sorry to startle you. I just wanted to say how nice it is here. Better than when Summers ran the place, for the most part."
Norma: "I hope the amenities are on a commensurate level with what you were..."
Jake: "How are the reservations going?"
Norma: "Zilch."
Jake: "Well, word of mouth is everything. I know the women of WPB aren't helping you out, but I'm a man from an even wider world than that. Let's set up an arrangement like I had with Summers, and I'll do what I can to get the word out."

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Bates Motel




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