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The Man In Number 9

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More Sweet To Me Than Sunlight

Romero: "So we're all clear? That's it?"
Norma/n: "That! Is! It!"

Dylan: "I seriously was like the most unbelievably rad person and you guys are just... I mean, that's it?"
Norma/n: "That! Is! It!"
Dylan: "I got shot in the arm for you assholes."
Norma/n: "That! Is! It!"

They ruttle around on the couch like a couple of puppies at a puppy-party and it gets a little too skeezy for old Dylan, so he and his broken arm take off. They're still giggling and rolling around when he splits, and it's so uncomfortable. But also: That's it. I mean, every second since they got here has been misery, even the nice parts always with a black cloud of awful over them, so you can see why he's not really a part of the story -- he was a part of the awfulness until about ten minutes ago -- but still. Show some class.


Norman and Bradley make love under the sheets again, but this time in daylight. You know this is a masturbatory fantasy the second it starts, because Bradley was like explicit that they were not together or even ever hooking up again, but also because of this:

Bradley: "What if your mom hears us downstairs?"
Norman: "She's never gonna hear us. Trust me."

I don't buy it. He would maybe hook up down in the motel if the stars aligned just right, but no way would he do it in the same house as Norma. Which leads me to believe this is part of the thrill here, like, as long as you're boning Bradley you might as well throw some Roman Centurions or a Pegasus in, just for flavor.

Things are just getting good when ol' Norma just sweeps right in, talking absolute nonsense about the birds and how the motel is opening next week and eventually just trilling actual birdsong, is how crazy and the whole time he's dying on the inside, carefully stowing his dick and then willing things to stop, horribly and so cutely. It's adorable, the whole thing is so sweet.

Norman: "You're pretty manic today, huh?"
Norma: "I prefer to think of it as filled with purpose."

She sits down incredibly close to his boner and takes his hand so she can keep hollering about life and possibility and birds and whatever, and how Sheriff Romero seems like a good enough guy after all, and everything is over, and it's going to be wonderful and the whole time he's like, She can tell. And as she's leaving, she shoots the bunched-up covers over his adorable self a very odd look, like she's angry at it.

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Bates Motel




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