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More Sweet To Me Than Sunlight

And Norma Bates's son? The second self of a narcissist and therefore the center of the universe by virtue of being an extension of the actual center of the universe? His world's gonna be tilted, um, more than most. He knows women are people -- they are, in fact, his entire world -- but that doesn't mean he's ever gonna get used to seeing things that aren't there.

He's brilliant, sensitive, tender and sweet, and those are all qualities that confer some pretty clear vision on you. But ask any smartest guy in any room what the hardest thing is and it's going to be that when you're right about 99% of everything, that 1% is the killer thing: Because you're never going to figure out that you're wrong about it, because you're basically never wrong. And when that happens, you can either go crazy or just proceed with the idea that it's the world that's wrong.

You and I know -- because we are not teenage boys -- that Bradley has been upfront with him since they met, and there is actually no confusion to be had here. And Bradley knows that he was an easy mark and probably in retrospect won't be figuring it out in time to save himself. But Norman? Norman's not like us, he's not like anybody: He knows the world is wrong on this one and anything Bradley says or does (or doesn't say, or doesn't do) is just going to get recapitulated into the confabulation. The difference between a Nice Guy, a Stalker and a regular person is simply a matter of degree.

But in the meantime, you're just Penelope: You have shit to do, regardless of whatever feelings they're feeling.


Norma: "Hi! I'm Norma Bates! You're the manager at this lovely restaurant?"
Liz Morgan: "I am Liz Morgan. Check out my beautiful face, which is not happy to see you."
Norma: "Well! I am the proud owner of a new motel in town and I wanted to do some networking... I could advertise your restaurant to my out-of-towners and you could..."
Liz: "I'm gonna stop you right there. I'm guessing I'm the first person you came to, just by happenstance, which is lucky because I'm actually going to be compassionate and explain the situation in detail. I am not comfortable being in a handshake agreement with you, and nobody is going to be and you are screwed. See, this is the WPB and that self-serving Sheriff story currently circulating does not do you any favors."
Norma: "Why whatever do you mean."

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