Bates Motel
The Man In Number 9

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More Sweet To Me Than Sunlight

Liz: "I mean like you dated a sex maniac? Who died at your house? Which was owned by another sex maniac? Who died?"
Norma: "Yes, but the only way that would be embarrassing is if I got raped at some point, which I officially did not."
Liz: "No, I'm afraid it's embarrassing either way. Sorry."

Norma shows off several of her best faces, the sad demented ones like some lady on the bus being the most heartwrenching, and -- she's her son's mother -- even stands there for a while waiting on the world to nudge itself back into being a kind, just and most importantly Norma-serving place, but it just never does so she takes her shame and her box of brochures back out to the car.


Norma, weirdly, checks the schedule as if to make sure she hasn't accidentally made any reservations without her own knowledge, but it's still empty. Outside, the creeping creeper Jake Abernathy creeps.

Norma: "Hey, guy jostling the doors of my closed motel in the dead of a rainy night!"
Jake: "I'm Jake Abernathy. I think I left some of my shit here. Have you seen any comic books around? Or maybe some sex slaves?"
Norma: "Nope, nothing like that. Listen, how can I serve you?"
Jake: "I want to stay in room number nine. Only room number nine. I have money."
Norma: "Let me just get you a key, then."

She nervously dicks around for a second -- is that a 6 or a 9? -- and then brings it out to him.

Norma: "There's towels and whatever and I just am very happy that my dream is coming true and we have guests staying here finally and the amount of red-flags going off right now cannot possibly break my spirit and so if you need anyth..."
Norma: "Mmkay. Welcome to the Bates Motel! Please don't get blood on the carpet, we just had a... oh, never mind. Momma's tired."


Dylan parks down the hill, notices the car and lights and Satanic sex rituals being performed, and wonders what on earth is going on. For the record, he has replaced the blown-up truck of Weeping Dead Ethan with a larger, even more extended-cab black truck.

Dylan: "So somebody's staying in the motel?"
Norma: "I guess it's a soft opening? He said he had a standing reservation at the Seafairer, [sic], every two months for a week. I was like, Be our guest! Check me out, a small business owner."

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