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Dear Zachary

And when Norman woke up, he found his father, dead of an accident, and at first she couldn't understand why he was so upset -- perhaps, as he bashed on the door, she thought she'd be next, and she wouldn't have been wrong -- and then when she saw him, this beautiful sweet boy, terrified and mourning for his bloody father, she realized just how much she'd be carrying, from now on. And so she has. And any pain for Sam went away, and was replaced with sadness for her son, who was never going to be okay.

Dylan: "So like, what is wrong with him?"

What's wrong with him is right there, down the hill, smiling blankly and wondering what all the commotion is about, still not quite with us, as Norma and Dylan sit on the steps like old friends, as the sirens come closer and closer, talking only of him: This boy, the sweetest boy in the world. This beautiful lake in a world of concrete.

Norma: "Could be an isolated incident, who knows. But he's innocent of it. Not in theory, but in practice. It wasn't his fault, in any way. He didn't know what he was doing, and he doesn't know it now. And he must be protected. And that's all you want too."

"So you can either get out of my way, or you can help me."


Whole new show, I guess. I'm guessin' Dylan does a little of both. First motel guest, lingering question marks with the cops -- who probably have noticed a pattern, at this point, here at the Bates Motel -- and fallout from the relationships that have come to define the show. Four episodes left, full of Remo and Romero and what happens when things fall apart and come back together. I guess it's possible that Jiao is out there somewhere in the Vancouver wilderness, living off berries and slowly coming off heroin, but I don't know that that's the better option. See you then.

JACOB CLIFTON is a freelance writer and critic based in Austin, Texas. He currently recaps The Good Wife, Bates Motel, and Defiance for TWoP. Jacob can be found online at, Twitter, and Facebook, as well as a regular column for, Geek Love.

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