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Dear Zachary

But also, she stares in the mirror and starts to wipe off the lipstick because I don't know if I mentioned this, but Norma spends this episode 100 percent unspooled. It only gets worse, actually.


Dylan: "I have signed a lease on a two-bedroom bungalow."
Norman: "Well, that moved quickly."
Dylan: "It already was, but once the whore got outta jail I double-timed it. Plus I needed to get rid of my random wad of cash."

"Ocean views. No crazy people allowed. Just... Live life the way it's meant to be lived. Just peaceful and easy. Normal."

Norman: "Speaking of the opposite of that, what about Norma?"
Dylan: "You seem to have missed several important key factors of this plan."
Norman: "Yeah but what about Norma?"
Dylan: "You know how I'm awesome? That's because I broke away from my parents. It's also because of the specific parents."
Norman: "I follow you. But where will Norma sleep?"

They tromp all over the boat looking for the belt, and Dylan presses his case.

Dylan: "Like, did you know your father died?"
Norman: "That was a hell of a thing."
Dylan: "And you know how he was mentally and physically abusive?"
Norman: "Life is tough for everybody, Dylan."
Dylan: "First of all, I can't believe you're sticking up for both of them now, but more to the point, have you ever met Norma? Because she would totally kill a dude, and that goes double for dudes that keep her locked up in a cage."
Norman: "He was a handful. But I mean, it still wouldn't really be her fault."

True. I mean, "fault" is the wrong word, but I have this rule where nobody ever hits you twice. But also, check out this marvelously layered, ad-libbed-sounding sentence: "She wouldn't have killed my own dad!" Norman yells, which is not how you say that in English, but is absolutely how Norman would say it, on like three different levels. You can substitute any pronoun for any other pronoun and he's still saying several vital things: One, that he and Norma are a blended person, two, that Sam was in some ways their shared father/male authority/jailer, and three, that he killed Sam Bates and doesn't know it.

Dylan: "Okay, sure. Now that you're establishing a pattern where Norma kills dudes but only if they deserve it. But what about lying to you about it? Don't you feel crazy in your head, all the time, like something isn't lining up?"

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