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Dear Zachary

Actually I think it's Room 2, which thank God because that's the only thing that would make this grosser. I, ugh, I don't know about all this, unpacking all this. I'm not a woman, thank God, so a lot of this probably doesn't mean the same thing to me, but the visual is so intensely awful that you start filtering in the details one by one. Basically, Norma has opted for a fully-clothed rear entry, for at least one legit reason plus one terribly sad reason, so we start with the sound of the bed, and then it's a close-up of her face, mashed into a pillow, just repetitively shoving. And that's awful.

We've seen her in this posture before, and that's weird, because it reminds you that just because she's been sleeping with this guy doesn't mean it's not a violation now, or that retroactively it always was. And she's still making the creepy whines, which somehow makes it worse because there is not a lot of finesse in what Shelby's up to, back there.

But then on the other hand, you wouldn't be able to do it, if you were looking in his eyes, so that's pragmatic. That's something. And her eyes are trained on his gun, on the bedside table, which -- yes -- is strung on a belt of black leather, but also, she's stroking it the whole time. Just lightly, I guess stroking is the wrong word, she's running her fingers along the edge of an idea. Smith & Wesson has a way of shutting that whole thing down.

The possibility of ending this is almost as good as the actuality of ending this because either way she knows to play this cool until the Boys confirm she's out of danger. Not that you ever are. To his credit, I guess, Shelby realizes they're doing a creepy scene and asks why she suddenly has turned their lovemaking into kink -- and also why is she not into it since she made it up -- and Norma dumbly grasps at the first thing she (ever) thinks of: "I'm just worried about Norman?" Realizing that was weird -- even though it gives him the opportunity to play his usual "you are safe and free from all that in my arms" stuff -- she asks if they can start over and do it semi-normal, so he's happy because she's happy, and he focuses on the job at hand for a second, but then he hears Jiao taking a shower.

Never take a shower at the Bates Motel, are you kidding me? Do we really have to talk about this?

Anyway, Shelby puts his dick away and straps on his gun and heads out. And again, he's compartmentalized -- the genius thing about Shelby, the thing that makes him such a great character in this story, is that he's not either/or, he's both-all-the-time -- and goes right into "I'm the man who will protect you" mode. It's not fake, it's not even disingenuous. At this moment, he is worried that the woman he loves is outside a scary town where bad things happen, and some creep is dicking around in her empty property, and his job as the man who loves her is to find that person and save her from him.

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