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Some Man's Hand

Norman: "Do they know whose hand it was?"
Bradley: "No, just some man's hand."


He rushes home, because it's not just some man's hand, it's Keith's hand, and they are going to drown him and Norma both. He comes crashing in the door and she appears at the top of the stairs with cupcake hands, like a Douglas Sirk heroine, before rushing down to grab him and calm him down: "It's just a hand, it could be a million different hands..."

Shelby appears, immediately, at the door, with backup: "Mrs. Bates? We're gonna need you to come with us down to the station..."


Romero: "I need you to tell me what happened."
Norma, snotty: "The police showed up and said you wanted to talk to..."
Romero: "Come on. I want to know what happened that night."

There were carpet fibers on the hand, trapped under the watch, which freezes her blood, and she tries to breathe through it, promising again she doesn't know anything about it. Finally he cuts through the BS altogether.

Romero: "I am trying to help you here, okay? I know you did it. I've been doing this for twenty years, and I know people. I get them, on the inside. It's like a gift. And I know you did it. Now, Keith wasn't always a nice guy. I know that about him. I know he was, um, involved in a lot of things. Any number of which could have gotten him killed."
Norma: "I'm sure."
Romero: "But I also know he wasn't happy about losing his home, and about you buying it, and he's the kind of guy that might have tried to retaliate somehow, maybe threaten you, scare you?"
Norma: "Uh, I'm not scared. Nobody scared me. He doesn't scare me, and you don't scare me..."

He asks where they tossed the carpet they pulled up that night, and she nearly grins in his face.

Norma: "I thought you said you had it. How are you gonna test it, if you don't have it?"
Romero: "Because there are only three dumps it could have ended up. So just tell me what you did with it."
Norma: "...You know what? I don't recall."
Romero: "Ugh. Fine. You can't remember where you physically dumped carloads full of carpeting. Great. Get out of here."


Norma and Norman, driving all over town, looking for some carpet.

Norman: "That was the first night we moved here, it's not just gonna..."

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