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"Just what you always wanted, Jacob. To marry Deacon Frost, the vampire messiah from the feature film Blade. We will hold vampire raves and smoke electronic cigarettes and we will sleep upside down, like vampires do. All day long. Come live with me in the Chateau Marmont, where Elle Fanning will be our vampire daughter. It is about to get so good bro." -- Stephen Dorff


Hops into Shelby's car next day, which is in always the same place, and he immediately starts touching her scars and getting her all het up.

Norma: "Where should we go?"
Shelby: "How about this motel I heard about? The owner is super hot and wicked crazy."
Norma: "Works for me! But then why did I put on shoes and drive over to this place where you always, always are?"


Norma: "Congrats on keeping your shirt on for three episodes, at least."
Shelby: "You pay for Mike Vogel, you get the whole shebang."
Norma: "No kidding. You are absolutely beautiful."
Shelby: "Did you know I am a model and I am married to a model and we have two kids in real life?"
Norma: "My deal with men is such that I was speaking aesthetically. You're pretty like an old woman, or an abalone shell."
Shelby: "What a hilariously weird thing to say to a person! No wonder I parked a U-Haul outside your life the second we met."


Dylan continues to inhabit more and more territory; in this case, a rocker outside the motel room where he likes to smoke his smokes and drink his bourbon and -- this afternoon -- give his mother and her boyfriend some serious apr├Ęs sex side-eye.

Dylan: "Well hey, kids. Hey, Norma. Gettin' fucked, I see?"
Norma: "Ugh, this is my kid that I hate. Dylan, this is your other replacement."
Shelby: "Hello, young man I didn't meet last night under weird circumstances."

They stare at each other for about an hour and it's creepy and suspicious, and then Shelby takes Norma back to her car, because what happened today is that she drove her car to that one spot from the motel and then he drove her to the motel so now he has to drive her back to that one spot so she can drive her car back to the motel. These people should really think about getting hybrids.


Norman is soaping up one of the units' windows when he notices Bradley Martin setting out a roadside marker for her father, who is finally dead. I didn't realize they did this other places than Texas, actually. He crouches beside her with very few words, and she settles sadly into his neck. He smells her hair, but to his credit he doesn't unleash the full scary grin he gives us when Norma does this.

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