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Some Man's Hand

"Look, I'm going to be honest with you. Because you're not a kid, and you're going to understand this. I really like your mom. She's a good woman, I care for her. So I think that it would be a good idea -- maybe even a necessary idea -- for you and I to get to know each other better. Do you like ... fishing?"

Norman can't figure out his game, because even if he's not being sketchy he's being totally sketchy, as mentioned, and there's the whole thing also of the belt: Norman has to do everything Shelby says, because of the belt, and what Norman has no reason to understand is that this is even truer for him than it is for Norma, because he can't imagine Norma actually enjoying Shelby's company. So right now he is his mother: Forced by silent blackmail to do whatever Shelby wants, whether it's sex or fishing or whatever. That's legitimately terrifying.

Norman: "As long as it's to a secluded area on a high cliff where you could kill me and nobody would know. Or vice versa."
Shelby: "You bet! It's going to be wonderful, you're gonna hate the shit out of it."
Norman: "That is for sure true."
Shelby: "Cool, I'll tell your mom so you can't back out. And Norman? Don't you ever fucking run away from me like that again. Cool?"

Zach Shelby has no clue how long Norman's been running. Not as a sport, just... The last thing you want when you're afraid is some man's hand on you. Shelby is lucky enough he doesn't understand that. In the world of men, they don't have to. In the world of men, they don't have to run from other men, because they live there.


Norman: "Mom, I have several bombs to drop on you real quick."
Norma: "Hang on, I'm just trying to figure out if blowing up the entire City Council will stop this highway from being built, or if I just need to kill half-of-them-plus-one."
Norman: "Okay, from the top. Shelby has a girl in his basement, in her teens, on drugs."
Norma: "Whut."
Norman: "My belief is that he was running some kind of Asian sex slave business with Keith Summers."
Norma: "The hell, Norman?"
Norman: "A hand-drawn journal under one of the carpets detailed the whole thing. Anyway, I broke into his house last night and I went down in his basement when she came at me. It was like The Ring only sad, and real life."
Norma: "Why? I mean of course you did, but how come?"

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