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What You Feel Is What You Are

Norman: "The truth is, sleeping with you is excellent and it makes me very happy. So if we don't make it weird, it's not weird. Other people maybe would think it's weird, but who cares about other people?"
Norma: "The true truth is that I am a grown woman fucking up your teenage mind because I am selfish."
Norman: "Get in here, you old so-and-so. And listen, I'm sorry I truthfully and accurately called you crazy."
Norma: "Please, like my ears can physically even hear criticism."

Why don't you slide into my room?
We'll run away, run away, run away


Norman: "About my story. I think we should stop editing it and put a halt to my burgeoning literary career."
Miss Watson: "Why, because of your mom? What did she, climb in bed with you last night and steal your breath in your sleep and make you feel like a single blended person and as if you had never left the womb?"
Norman: "Yeah. Plus, if she reads this story it's going to be worse than the time we tried therapy."
Miss Watson: "I was going to say this eventually, so now's fine. Your mother doesn't need to know what we get up to."
Norman: "Uh, that seems like something a teacher should never, ever, ever say to a kid under any circumstances whatsoever."

Miss Watson: "We're the same, Norman. I understand your problems because I have similar problems. You're prone to the occasional anima possession by a negative mother archetype that wants to drown teenage girls and negate all sexuality, while I want to take out my own history of sexual abuse on the most vulnerable person I can find. See? Simpatico."
Norman: "Well, I guess it's not entirely fair to quash my talent just because she..."
Miss Watson: "Your prodigious talent. And how's she gonna find out?"
Norman: "Again, that doesn't sound..."
Miss Watson: "Yeah, no. I heard it. I heard it that time."


Matt: "Oh, shit. I forgot Norma Bates again. This will go poorly."
Norma: "I was thinking I would bake cookies! For the Open House!"
Matt: "There's not going to be an Open House, and if there was you'd be serving rape slash murder, not cookies."
Norma: "But if there's not an Open House, then who will smell the cookies? And buy this cursed murder mansion?"

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Bates Motel




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