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What You Feel Is What You Are

Ra'uf: "Oh me? I don't smoke pot! Hey, do you want to smoke some pot?"
Emma: "I have an oxygen tank that will explode if we smoke pot."
Ra'uf: "Oh, Marilla. How much you miss."


"He felt like he was choking inside on some black smoke."

Miss Watson: "I love this image, of choking inside on some black smoke. But if we move it to the bottom of this paragraph, your psycho tendencies might be more artful."
Norman: "It is fantastic that you are showing so much approval of my story."
Miss Watson: "A man who is on fire from the inside! I do love it."
Norman: "I just thought it was interesting in a way that has nothing to do with myself, consciously. Like, how do you go through daily life on fire, and nothing will put it out?"
Miss Watson: "For me, taking inappropriate interest in my young students helps. Listen, you're very mature for your age."
Norman: "It's from being systematically abused my entire life!"

Miss Watson, verbatim: "I just feel like you understand things that are way beyond your years, things about how hard life can be, about how we're not really meant to be happy..."
Norman: "Miss Watson, you seem sad. Like you are also on fire and wanting things you can't have."
Miss Watson: "It is just my love of the English language. And the Arts thereupon."
Norman: "Are you going to ask me to kill your husband at some point? That's generally what happens in this movie."
Miss Watson: "Oh shit, you're a minor. I totally forgot. You're going to need your mom's permission to publish this story about how you are clearly a crazy person."
Norman: "I do not see that happening."


The hippies play Goo Goo Dolls because hippies are the worst, but listen:

Don't you love the life you killed?

Don't suppose I'll ever know what it means to be a man
It's something I can't change

Romero: "Are you guys working at Gil's dry dock that I don't know about?"
Hippies: "Yes, would you like fresh veggies?"
Romero: "No thank you, I am investigating a very serious flower crime."

Norma: "Sheriff, here is the card where Jake Abernathy says See you soon. It is a code, it means I am going to kill you for messing up my sex slavery."

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Bates Motel




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