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What's Wrong With Norman?

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Luminosity Entails Numinosity

Emma: "I put that photo of the Chinese character on Yahoo! Answers and -- after sifting through a thousand illiterate responses from people who don't know what the fuck they're talking about and should not have access to the internet -- got a translation. It's jiao, it means beautiful."
Norman: "That's a sad name to have when you're a dead drug addict sex slave, but I..."
Emma: "I'm going to the police after school, because I don't know about the police here yet, because I am from British lands, which is why my sudden accent in this scene."
Norman: "The fuck you are going to the cops. We are not doing the cops in this narrative."
Emma: "Norman, why did you just get scary?"
Norman: "I can't tell you why, but we are avoiding the cops and will not be bringing this into your little... look, maybe it's true, the whole thing is real. But guess what, this girl still isn't going to make a difference, to anyone. She's still going to be dead, you're still going to be sick and I'm still going to be who I am."
Emma: "I mean, wow. We both knew that's what was going on, but just shouting it like that at me is really..."
Norman: "Annnnd I'm back. That was awful. I am sorry. I was a real dick just now. I am really, really sorry. You're a good friend and a trusted ally. But don't go to the cops, and don't bug me about it again today. I cannot deal with this right now."

He storms off, hands flailing, and she makes the call yet again that he is allowed to be crazy.


Norman spends the evening in bed, lying there like something taxidermied, as the sun passes over and out. Someone sits on his bed and he sits up to look at her. She's harder, more angry. Hates his little girlfriends more. Is not a whore. Her name is Mother.

Mother: "You were right. As long as Shelby has that belt, he can control us. He can make us do things, things we don't want to do. Just like your father did."
Norman: "We can't let that happen, not again."
Mother: "This is all your fault."
Norman: "I know, Mother. There's something wrong with me."
(There's nobody there. In fact that is the thing that is wrong with you.)
Mother: "You know what you have to do, don't you?"

Smiling just a little bit Norman heads down the street toward the town, standing tall. He climbs up into Zach Shelby's old-lady house, hitting every room on every floor. In the bedroom -- Shelby, a cop, sleeps with a baseball bat; it's luminous, it says ZEUS right on there -- he finds porn, pills, a key ring that could open the basement. A dog attacks Norman and he fends it off with the bat before locking the dog in the room and heading out into the house to put more of his fingerprints all over everything.

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