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Luminosity Entails Numinosity

Doctor Guy: "We're doing like a million tests. Hey, does your son do this? Black out suddenly?"
Norma: "Uh... certainly not. Nope. Never, not ever. Not at all. Not even once. It's certainly not something I've covered for before. And I wouldn't say it's related in any way to the hefty life insurance settlement we got six months ago. No sir, not my son. He's awake or he's asleep. Nothing in between."


Dylan: "Is this where they shot Deliverance?"
Ethan, Stripclub-Weeper: "What's that?"
Dylan: "Uh, the movie? Boy, you got a pretty mouth?"
Ethan: "What kind of movies do you watch?"

I guess because of the gunslinger/Western motif going on with Dylan this week, the music goes to a kinda Inon Zur, Fallout place as they make their way down. The previous shift pulls guns on them as they're walking up, and Dylan has a mortifying moment of trying to do the thing he practiced all morning -- be a man -- but gets all tangled up in himself. The dudes leaving laugh at him for a while, welcome him to the fold and leave them to it. They settle in to wait: $300 bucks a day to chill, drink beer, sleep in shifts and watch a $5M pot field do nothing, with occasional pheasant.


Norman's in a gown and bed, clicking away at the monitor, until finally Norma slaps his hand to make him stop; then grabs it to hang on tight. They assure each other several times that everything is going to be fine and that they are not at all worried or freaked out. He's watching one of his old movies, I can't figure out what it is but it's about some real "hip" "kids." One of them is named Gladys and she gets "the sneak" for somebody's cousin Phillip, which makes another friend laugh, presumably because she's a "dick hound," I guess. I don't really know old sayings, I guess they were called something else back then.

The carpet guys call from the Motel and after much wishy-washiness Norma allows herself to leave Norman there to deal with it; she's stressed out enough that she doesn't notice Bradley Martin coming down the hallway from the ICU, carrying a potted plant. I had a fantasy she would clothesline her without even stopping, but there's carpet on the line.

Bradley: "Norman, you look luminous in this scene. Like a beautiful, six-foot tall baby."

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