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What's Wrong With Norman?

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Luminosity Entails Numinosity

Norman: (Weirded out giggle.)

Norman gets a text from Bradley about how they now have "shared custody" of the plant she brought, and his cute grin about it causes Emma's eyes to roll wildly. Immediately, she finds a Chinese character scratched into the bottom of the sink bowl -- where the girls were chained -- and snaps a picture with her phone.


With her unerring Shelby GPS, Norma tracks the Deputy down immediately for a short weird conversation about some things, but also not about anything. Negative space around the thing.

Norma: "I am just a poor widow with a broken wing! Why is your boss so mean and scary?"
Shelby: "Don't worry about it."
Norma: "But money and medical bills and the hospital!"
Shelby: "I said don't worry about it."
Norma: "It's not like you even found anything, right?"
Shelby: "I mean it. Do not worry. Talk to me about this later when I am not a cop."
Norma: "I'll be at your place at eight, wearing my boobiest dress."
Shelby: "I will bring my sick body and also my magic ass. Things are going to be fine."

Outside his vehicle she snaps her collar -- just like Norman -- and stands there for a second as if to say, "We're probably going to do it. My life is so hard."


Poor old Norman's sitting on the steps when she comes back.

Norman: "What's going on?"
Norma: "I am going to put on my face and have dinner with Shelby."
Norman: "But dinner is our thing!"
Norma: "He obviously knows about the belt, so now I'm going to have to throw him one."
Norman: "Well, Norman Bates. You've really dicked it up this time."


Norma: "I'm here. Keepin' it tight."
Shelby: "Damn, girl."
Norma: "Why do you live in a house that is like an old lady house?"
Shelby: "I like things to be cozy. Would you like a Jack and Coke?"
Norma: "I am, after all, a woman of refinement. Have you noticed my boobs?"

Norma: "Thanks for the booze. So listen, what's the deal? I have a million problems."
Shelby: "Why don't you tell me what the deal is. Like this belt thing."
Norma: "What belt?"
Shelby: "Don't be hurtful. We are going to help each other, and that means trust, and trust means honesty. So be honest. Why would your kid have that belt under his bed?"

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