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What's Wrong With Norman?

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Luminosity Entails Numinosity

Norma: "My broken wing! My persecution!"
Shelby: "No, lady. I hid the belt. Stop worrying about Sheriff Romero and start worrying about how I am in love with you and we are going to be together forever."
Norma: "Oh, gotcha. Okay, I can do that. New status quo."

Shelby: "What's with your huge jagged scar on your leg?"
Norma: "Testament to a life well-lived, sir. It was an accident when I was a kid."
Shelby: "Speaking of kid accidents, did your kid accidentally kill Keith Summers?"
Norma: "I'm not going to say yes and I can't say no, so I will just say that."

He looks her in the eye and tells her he's an angel.

Shelby: "I know you've spent your life taking care of other people, or like any other narcissist talking endlessly about how you take care of other people. But in this case, I think it is true and you have a son with problems like you could make a whole TV show about. But the good news is that I am going to take care of you from now on."
Norma: "Even though we met five seconds ago? Okay, I am cool with whatever."
Shelby: "God, you are so beautiful, it just breaks my heart."
Norma: "That sounds like something you would say to a sex slave named Beautiful that you have locked in your basement. I am into it."

They make out. I guess probably they do it. It would be a shame to waste all that hotness.


Dylan: "Funny you should ask. I learned to hunt in Aberdeen, SD, while I was on a natural gas fracking crew."
Ethan: "Fracking. So you're from South Dakota?"
Dylan: "No, I guess Arizona. That's where they moved here from. My dad grew up in Kansas."
Ethan: "Tell me more."
Dylan: "My mom... um, maybe Missouri? Or Colorado?"
Ethan: "You honestly don't know where your mother grew up?"
Dylan: "Actually that is kind of weird, I guess."
Ethan: "And are you close with your little brother?"
Dylan: "You must not have met my little brother."

But it makes him think.


Is it Angel and the Badman he's watching? I am not good at this at all, which sucks because it seems like a big thing with this show. It seems appropriate, but not as appropriate as what they're saying when Dylan gets home: "There's plenty of room on either side, do you have to come bulling in here between us?" And the guy says, "I didn't see you," but he's lying. "You interrupted a very important discussion on serious matters regarding big things!"

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