2008 NYC Comic Con

As the panel emptied out I used my newfound superpower to sneak into a seat front row center for the Battlestar Galactica panel. Now I love me some Battlestar, but I have to confess that I am not entirely caught up on the most recent episodes. I was hoping that the panel would use the good common sense that their mamas gave them and wouldn't spoil anything for other fans who might be in a similar position. Right? Right? I was nervous because I *ahem* frakking hate spoilers, but since the schedule promised Grace Park (Sharon "Athena" Agathon) and Tahmoh Penikett (Karl "Helo" Agathon) I was willing to risk it. For you, people! For you! The panel filed in and there was Anders. And Tory. And the XO. And some random guy from the Sci Fi Channel. But no Athena or Helo. What the frak schedule? Sci Fi took the opportunity of a packed theater to pimp their newest productions. First up The Stranded, a collaboration with Virgin Comics, has a pilot in development now. Next a show called Superbia, which sounds so much like The Incredibles that they were extra careful to avoid mentioning it and instead called it Desperate Housewives meets The Justice League. Anyhoo. The panel settled down, the moderator (Marc Bernardin from EW) was introduced, and the first thing out of Col. Tigh's mouth? HUGE FRAKKING SPOILER. First thing out of Tory's mouth? ANOTHER HUGE FRAKKING SPOILER. Good grief people have some mercy! Someone in the audience called them out on it and the Sci Fi guy grabbed the microphone away from Anders to scold the fan for not watching the show live. Shut up, Sci Fi dude. Some of us are late bloomers in our Battlestar love and we are just a wee bit behind. So shut it and quit talking about who is a Cylon. A lot of the panel revolved around certain spoilers and plot twists and what not and I refuse to ruin this amazing show for anyone who is reading this so I am not putting them into print. So deal with it. All the cast members discussed how proud they were to be on such a brave show and how they loved the challenging political nature of the writing. Boring! What the fans really want to know is: Who is swiping the portrait of President Baltar? The fans want to know! Or at least this fan does. Despite rumors and wishes, a Battlestar movie is unlikely. However, Sci Fi channel has a new series called Caprica in the works and they are hoping it will touch on a lot of the same elements and have the depth of character that makes Battlestar so awesome. When asked what fans should expect from the final episodes, the entire panel agreed: Holy Shit. The two most magical words in the language.

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