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Looking Up At The Admiral

Seelix comes into sickbay, bringing Nicky to his father. Chief's weak, lying in bed. But is Cally okay? "Doc Cottle says she's gonna be okay, but it's gonna be awhile before she's 100%." I am absurdly happy to hear that. This show messed up my mind. Seelix helps him to his feet: the victim of the airlock, rescued from space by a Cylon -- Seelix helps this man to his feet. The hero of the Resistance, once-lover of the sleeper that shot the Admiral. She's going to be okay, I think. Post-Circle, turning airlocking into a way to save lives is like finding out guns literally can shoot you in the cancer.

The Chief takes Nick to see his mother, in the Doc's hyperbaric chamber. Her eyes are black. (Sometimes space hurts people, even though it doesn't mean to.) They stand at the glass, looking down on her. "Cal. Cal, sweetie. Look who's here." She opens her eyes, and tries to smile; you can't touch through the glass. He's going to try. Seelix leaves, locking eyes with Adama; he forgives her.

"No matter what -- I don't know how -- we will manage. Find a balance."

"You and me. We will take care of Nick, okay," says Chief to his wife. "I love you." She holds her hands to the glass, and Chief leans down, holding his son's hand against the glass. Bill watches Chief, a father, with his son in his arms, and he thinks about fathers and he thinks about sons.

Lee comes home quietly and sits down at Dualla's side; she wakes up and smiles sleepily up at him. They kiss, and he notices a package: "It was here when I got in. It's from your father." He asks -- per telling his father hours ago that his ex-wife never loved him -- whether it's ticking. She smiles. "He left you a note." She married him to be an Adama. (That's like me marrying Hera so I can be an Agathon. Or marrying Caprica so I can be a Cylon. WHOA, I just thought about me and Six getting married; that would work to like a scary degree. "Who is Number One?" "You are, Number Six," okay, and we'd laugh but then we'd blow up Parliament or something. But damn would we have some awesome clothes, on the other hand. Throw outrageous parties; be golden. Start religions and revolutionary movements every five seconds. Plus, I always knew I'd marry a Canadian. That's like Dualla marrying Lee so she can be an Adama... And we're back where we started. I am going to think about this some more, I'd imagine.) She married him to be an Adama; everything he does is for the same reason. "Caprican criminal codes. These are my grandfather's law books." But what about his papers? "Your dad must've had these in storage all this time. Why's he giving them to you now?" There's an inscription.

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