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Looking Up At The Admiral

Group head, where the deck crew is getting ready for the first shift; Chief informs Cally that Nicky didn't even cry when he dropped him off, then ignores her for a second, pissing her off, while he checks in with Figurski and then calls Seelix and Cally to join him on checking Airlock 12.

Down there, Airlock 12 is a total mess. "Cylons blew the hell out of it. Nobody's been down here since damage control plugged the holes." He calls out to Seelix, who's behind the glass, just like she was when she was murdering collaborators, back when we started airlocking each other, thinking that would shake the dust off. I say this not to get back on the Seelix thing, or God forbid the Cavil thing, but to point out that it had to be pilots -- the ones the deckhands send out to their deaths every day -- that saved Chief and Cally Tyrol for their son, and it had to be Sharon, and it had to be Seelix and Saul, and it had to be Adama: all these people had to be there, to save Chief and Cally Tyrol. It had to be the twins, under Bill's eye, saving the dirty-handed family of the Fleet, and their own. It had to be Seelix and Saul, from the Circle, to turn Airlock 12 back into a place for life; it had to be Sharon, shedding Boomer for good, to save Chief and Cally. It had to be Adama, to forgive himself for letting them go to New Caprica in the first place, to bring balance back to his declarations of heartlessness back in the ring. In this way, "A Day In The Life" bookends Verheiden's last episode, "Collaborators," a lot more neatly than that crap last week, and it's more satisfying as a result. Separately I always said that "Unfinished Business" was as much about Bill's relationship with Chief than anything else, and this feels like a nice close for that too, alluvially speaking.

Sorry, we're talking about all this stuff up front because the plot hits heavy and hard and it's pretty much like watching dominos at that point. So Seelix and Chief establish that they can talk through the glass; it's beside the point to say you can't touch through glass, but we're not there yet. Seelix looks around for the electrical schematics on the airlock, and discovers "somebody's year-old lunch" in the process; inside the airlock Cally asks after her son, irritating Chief even more. She points out that he could have dragged anybody down there with him, and Chief piffles that she knows the gearing systems best. "What do you want me to do, give you special treatment because you're my wife? How would that look?" Okay, I don't date video game boys very often and this is why: "sit quietly and watch me read this boring comic book or play this boring video game" is in fact not equal to "let's spend time together," no matter how confused you are about this point. Boys, you're not fooling anybody with that shit -- just let us go out and have human fun. You can stay home and make love with your computer all you want; we'll talk to you when we get home, okay, and we promise not to hold it against you. I always knew Chief was a gamer boyfriend, but gah man I hate to see that stuff. Sorry, flashbacks are over now. So Cally finally blows up and ushers him away from the mic so she can explain the episode in a belabored, stilted fashion: "We keep trying to pretend like nothing's changed, that our lives are exactly like they were before we went to New Caprica. But it is different. We're married, we have a son." Looks way cuter this week, still can't act. Chief blows this off as "just a rough patch," and outside, Seelix works and we can hear Cally catching on to how this show works. Finally. "What if rough patches are all we have left?" What if there's no cabin, ever?

Cally complains that they said they were gonna raise Nicky themselves, and Chief counters that they "swore a lot of things," which I don't know, but that "the Cylons didn't exactly cooperate." He starts to work, and something goes nuts; the doors all start to lock themselves, with Cally and Chief inside and Seelix rushing and rushing around. Chief yells at her and she's like, "Dude! I didn't do anything!" Then she does something: observes a pressure differential inside: "Nothing drastic, but you guys are definitely losing air..." Chief nods, and it makes sense: they're in space. Obviously it wouldn't take a huge leak to freak out the spaceship, thus the doors dropping. "I feel safer already," Cally snarks beautifully, and Seelix is like, "...So the hull of the ship's been breached?" He calls this a dramatic term -- more like a rough patch -- and starts looking around for the hole so he can plug it. "One of these patches must have cracked when we came in." Cally -- locating her rage in the most pointless, stupid place as usual -- immediately wants to find the person who built the walls (decades ago) which contain the seals that have now sprung leaks (after four trips through atmosphere, at least one through a star cluster, and three firefights with the Cylons, understand) and "kick their asses." Because clearly their shoddy work ethic is the problem here. Chief's like, "Okay, before that, let's not run out of oxygen, okay?" and starts looking for the leak, because the only problem he can't solve is...obvious. Outside, the leak is scary, but you know what? I'm just so proud of Lee Adama that he's somehow ended up on the outside of this room, because normally wherever air is slowly leaking out of something, there you will find Lee Adama, fighting for breath. Maybe he's growing up. This episode would desperately like you to think so.

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