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What Kind Of Father

Laura gasps and laughs, tagging him in the chest like he's the finish line. "It's a big ship!" she chuckles, and he asks if she did the whole thing. "Half. It's more than I've run in a long time." She's flushed, he says: she looks good. She thanks him, and he smiles that particularly scary "I've got you and I'm none too happy" vindicated smile. "You're not supposed to look good. You're supposed to be in sickbay with a tube in your arm." She wiggles around in the trap and says she changed her mind, but he knows better. She's like, "Send me to the brig! I can run there!" She's giddy, joking and crazy. She's never been really good at listening to her body, you know? If her body shows her seven serpents and the Arrow of Athena, then that's what she's going to do. And now her body is telling her, "Live, live, live." So that's what she's going to do. But that's not the whole story, because she also has a point. She always does, separate from whatever the drugs are doing to her.

"Cottle says you're experiencing a moment of euphoria as your body recovers from the toxicity of the treatments," he explains, and she wiggles around some more like a vaudeville performer. Every line in this scene, she's Tallulah Bankhead. "So much for doctor-patient confidentiality!" Adama points out that, in all actuality, the President's health is a security issue, and everybody slows down to stare. She throws her hands in the air, grinning: "My resignation will be on your desk in the hour!" When Bill complains that he is never going to hand the Presidency over to Tom Zarek, she blows him off. "Then the status quo will have to do!" She needs a little guy with a drumkit to follow her around when she's like this.

Bill's like, "Whatever, quit it. Zarek has turned the Quorum into Crazytown, the press gang is going nuts, there's no government to speak of. We need you, specifically." Laura tells him to take his frakking hands off her and explains who she has become today: "I've played my role in this farce. A dying leader will guide the people to the blah-blah-blah frakkin' blah-blah. I've been there, I've done that, now what? Is there another role that I have to play for the rest of my life?" She's only telling the truth too. There's not actually a good reason for her to be in charge anymore. They both deserve a rest. Especially Laura, especially now, when all her response to fear and pain has been to either get hard or curl up on the floor: to stop moving. The fact that she's running means the weight is off her back.

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