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What Kind Of Father

"What manner of forgiveness are you seeking? Is it that of disobedient children? Are you... Are you children? -- Well, obviously you're a child, we have some children here, but -- To the rest of you, in your mind's eye, are you all just children who've transgressed against your father's divine will? Are you being punished for your multitude of sins? Are you? Is this really our lot? To have been led by a father to the Promised Land?"

I think it's Lilly who says no, they shouldn't have to suffer. He leans over, way over, losing the plot as he's sitting there, drunk and stuck in his own pain, unredeemed for the sixty-sixth episode in a row... (Holy shit, do you realize we're exactly as far from breaking ground on New Caprica as we were then from the Miniseries? That's brilliant. How do we measure badass? 33 minutes, around and around, and start the clock again: 33 episodes from the Holocaust to New Caprica and the Second Exodus, 33 episodes thence to Earth and the Third Exodus. That is AWESOME. This show is so fucking good.) Anyway, he sort of fades, and the hot one with extra Jesus in her boobs is like, "Just keep talking." It doesn't really matter what he says. All they want to do is connect. That's all he's ever wanted, too. As far back as Cuffle's Breath Wash, as far forward as wanting to be Cylon.

"...To Paradise... Only to have Paradise cruelly smashed to bits before our very eyes? Are these the actions of a father towards his children? No! It's not right!"

Galen stands at the back of the ground, like he often does, and reconsiders his stance on the Nicky thing. First, he will find the dad and beat the shit out of him for cutting this last tie to his humanity. Even after the memories came back on Earth, he still had Nicky; when Nicky got sick he wept. Then, he will get very drunk. Then, he will do the thing that Galen does best, which is fix things. Naked and broken, he can still do that. He can keep going.

Gaius pulls it together completely, rising up again among them, warming to his subject. "What have you done? What have you done to deserve this punishment? What sins have you committed?" Out over the PA, the Fleet listens in. This is the part they like best: the absolution. Whether or not it's God that loves you and made you perfect, or somebody telling you that you deserve better than what God's handed you, both stories come out of the same mouth. That's all they really want. Never mind the self-preservation that is Gaius's birthright, how he's turning the tide of their anger and doubt and disappointment in any direction at all, he doesn't care and barely knows he's doing it.

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