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What Kind Of Father

"What dark thoughts have you harbored that condemn you? Condemned you to wander through the universe without hope? Without light? So you have to ask yourself what kind of a father abandons his own children to despair and loneliness? Perhaps we are not the ones in need of forgiveness. Perhaps we're not. Perhaps we have been wronged! Perhaps it is God who should come down here, and beg for our forgiveness! Am I right? Am I right? Well, shout it to God! What have you done for me lately? Where have you been? There is a disease aboard this ship, and it is a disease of denial! Am I right? Well, don't tell me! Shout it to God!" Chief spots Hotdog across the crowd, and Hotdog immediately starts looking all sad and guilty and weird, and they push toward each other through the congregation, as they get more and more antsy, yelling back at Gaius, at God. At Bill Adama.

"Cottle told me," Hotdog protests, sad and worried for the Chief. "I didn't know. We need to... We should talk." Galen nods, and then BOOM. Not quite as far as Cally flew when Tory punched her, but pretty far, against a wall. Galen lands a bunch of punches, and when the crowd turns to watch and wonder what's up, Gaius doesn't really care enough to check it out. He just sits down to chill for a bit. They knock over an altar in their struggle; Gaius lights a cigarette. All he wants to do is lose himself in drinking and sex like always, and they keep fucking making him talk about God, and if he stops then they'll stop loving him, and he'll be alone again. But at least right now they have something else to look at.

"It's a Godsdamn uprising!" Saul yells as they head into CIC. Helo suggests, with all respect, that it's not there yet. "Ten of our ships refuse a direct order from the flagship," Saul screeches, "Another twelve won't even respond to our hails!" Felix unhelpfully points out that they're just exercising their right to refuse Cylon invasion, but that's not even the problem, so I'm not sure why he's even talking: Saul's talking about twenty-two ships openly dissing comms from Galactica. I think I'm actually with Saul on this one. Even if he's ordering them to take the jump drives, they could at least offer a simple "No thank you." Bill makes the call that jump drive upgrades are a military necessity, and therefore will go forward at the government's discretion. I also agree with this, because come on: if half the ships have FTL 3.0, and the other half don't...

Actually, you know what? Fuck it. Let them have this one. See you on the awesome planet we're going to find, hundreds of years from now, when you finally get there. I no longer sympathize with these ships that are taking a stand, no matter how justified you might think their superstition might be. This is just dumb. Bill's right, they should not have the option to do this. Lee should have pointed this out: "Okay, Cantrell, hope you enjoy living here in the middle of space forever. Seacrest out." Fix their wagon right quick.

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