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What Kind Of Father

*(Question: "How many Cylons does it take to bring God's love to an innocent human?"

Answer: "Sixteen: Eight to make out with him, Six to snap his neck, and Two to tell him how this is all his fault anyway.")

"What's the catch?" Felix meows bitchily from the corner. "Because there is a catch. Right, Former Chief?" (Aww. He's always going to be the Chief, Former Leg-Having Guy.) "We want to be part of the Fleet, not just along for the ride. Full members, citizens' seat at the Quorum, the whole thing." Even Helo is like, "Girl, no." Saul asks if Galen has actually gone crazy, and Chief's like, probably. "It's non-negotiable. You want Cylon technology, we want safety in case Cavil's forces arrive. Now, if we're citizens, your oath states that you protect us just like everybody else." HA! Because you are doing so awesome at that!

I like how complex and shifting the agendas are, even at this early stage -- because really, this is the season premiere for all intents and purposes -- like how if the humans hadn't bullied Natalie's crew into giving up the Hub, they wouldn't really need protection now, or how the discovery that the Final Five are A) basically human and B) not that awesome, not to mention the bullshit that is Earth, means all they've really got now is the Fleet. For the first time, they can find a joy in life itself, instead of the plan or the glorious abnegation of will Cavil preaches. They're naked, and broken, and for the first time they can really see themselves.

Chief confirms for Lee that they're very intense about this, because they're Cylons and half the Plan is always waiting around for somebody to tell them what they can do so they can fuck it up. And now they want Bill Adama for their daddy, just like everybody else in the entire universe except Cavil, at this point. The Chief has thus convinced them that he takes this stuff very seriously: "That he would rather lose the Fleet than break the oath." Tigh grumbles, "Unlike certain other people," but I've thought about it and thought about it, and I don't know exactly what he means. The way Chief takes the hit and is like, "yes yes, unlike other people" made me think he was taking shit personal, like saying that Chief betrayed the oath of the Final Four sticking together, but no. And it's not about Chief going to the Basestar, because they still haven't told us he did that. It's not about the Cylons breaking their word, is it? Because they've only done that like three times. Now, granted, in each case humanity was decimated, or I guess novimated, and we can't forget that. On the other hand: they are big dumb machines full of love and destruction that won't leave you alone. They're like Cujo. Basically this entire show is Cujo.

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