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So Chief is like, "Unlike certain other people, whatever you mean by that," and Bill is like, "I see exactly where the Cylons are coming from. I get it. I am also very drunk, though, so take that into account." Also: DRINK! That's going to bite you in the ass. It's also how we're going to live through this, but still. Jacob Clifton loves Bill Adama, but the number one reason I love him is that he's incapable of racism: he only ever gets mad at individual Cylons when they do shitty things. He'll yell at Boomer's corpse or smack Athena around, but otherwise he's always been cordial. The whole show is basically constellated around that fact: he doesn't like war and he doesn't like hate. Given the chance to pull a Cain, he never ever would, because that's not who he is. He's not the fox that runs away, but he's also not going to email you a genocide, unlike certain people. Even the hawk/dove stuff with Roslin has played out that way: she spent the last couple years clearcutting the forest to save the forest from deforestation, while Adama's on this constant cycle of tending these individual beautiful bonsai trees while the forest dies around him, then feeling bad about it and promising to be more like her, and then going back to being nice ten minutes later because he cannot help it.

Felix hisses and spits, and without looking Saul is like, "Hiss spit sir, cadet," and Felix accommodates him. I know that Saul was only nice to him in the webisodes to make the point that the gay thing is not a thing, but it earns their animosity in this scene in a delicious way, because a couple hours ago Felix was just like, "I'm going over your head, you wouldn't get it, it's a human thing," and now Tigh is like, "Give me a reason to mess you up. Remember that time Lee made me get drunk and throw up on my dead wife on the witness's stand, and I still managed to outclass you in that courtroom?" Bill assures Felix that all options are on the table, because they always are even when it's easier to pretend otherwise, and then passes the buck: "This is a political decision. I'll have to run it by the President." Only if you can catch her.

What's wrong with Nicky? "Acute renal failure. I think we caught it in time to manage with dialysis. However, there is a chance that this could lead to chronic renal failure. And if that happens, he's gonna lose a kidney." You know Cally had him on a strict trailer park Spam/Cheetos/Kool-Aid diet, and now that she's dead Galen's probably operating on sad bachelor pizza rolls, so it's hardly surprising. Galen chokes back tears and takes a moment before asking what the next step is. "What do I do? Do I, uh, give some blood? Build up a supply?" Ishay assures him, without thinking, that they have enough of Nicky's blood type in store. "He's half-Cylon," Galen says over Cottle's loud nervous swallowing and Ishay's hollow stares. "You got a lot of half-Cylon blood just lying around, do you?" Cottle's all, "My bad, good point." He starts to make plans about drawing Galen's blood, and finally Ishay's like, "Dude, just tell him." My heart skipped a beat! Can it be true?

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