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A Measure Of Salvation (2)

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When The Know-Nothings Get Control

Roslin: What day is it?
Adama: Marsday? I think?
Roslin: No, I mean the date.
Adama: How come?
Roslin: Because I was trying to remember...
Adama: Oh, right right. Am I the guardian and protector of human morality this week, or are you?
Roslin: Exactly. I really feel like airlocking some plague victims or stealing an election or something, maybe committing genocide, but I wanna be sure ...
Adama: I think it's me? But I'm feeling meek, so...
Roslin: Jesus, this system is fracked. Where the fuck is Tory? She has it on her Blackberry...
Adama: Well, hopefully this decision will be taken out of our hands again this week, so we stay likeable and nothing huge changes.
Roslin: I love it when that happens. Then I can make a speech and Jacob will cry!
Adama: So say we all.
Roslin: Word!

And then commercial. Coming back, Gaius is fading in and out of his naked torture and out and into his Six fugue on the beach, shaking silently as Three turns the pain higher, until he finally cries out. "I can help you," says Six. "I can guide you through the torment and beyond, but you'll have to do the work." Task One: Continue teaching Gaius how to project. I don't know why, but it's clear she needs him to learn this better with a quickness. Considering she's always played his intuition, it makes total sense no matter what she is. "I'll do anything," he gasps, and falls back into the basestar: "Anything!" Then tell us what we want to know, says Three, who's not doing half the job she thinks she is, as far as coming off as cold and clinical with this. "How was the virus invented?" Is there a cure? "Look at me," Six says, hauling him back to the beach. "Look at me. When you make love to me, Gaius, you don't always think about me. Your mind wanders. I know that. You think of equations, puzzles, your laundry." Projection, on the lowest level. On the basestar Gaius screams. "It's the nature of the mind to disconnect from the body," she says, climbing onto him. The waves and the birds and the bright sunlight. "Separate your mind from your body. Keep your mind in that room. Use your intellect against her. Reason. Logic. Analysis. Find the holes in her psyche." In the interrogation he begs, saying he can't, it hurts too much. "The pain's only in your body. So keep your body here with me. Don't worry. I'll take care of it." (Hoo hoo hoo!) This show is so fucking weird.

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