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A Measure Of Salvation (2)

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When The Know-Nothings Get Control

"Can a human being do that?" she asks, but if I wrote this script, it would have been Adama's next line, coming in off nothing in the transition back to his office. "... Can a human being do that? Posterity really doesn't look too kindly on genocide." (See? Double duty, referring to Sharon's speech but also bringing us back to his conversation with Roslin. The juxtaposition still works, though, because it's fresh enough that you can ask the question. And the answer is no, but not because humans suck, it's because it's a weird call to make, and would only make sense to a robot: Not A but B. She's no longer a Cylon exactly, but woe betide her for thinking it's that easy, for taking her Cylon logic and thinking they mean anything. Check out the other parallel here, also: we're jumping back and forth between Helo/Sharon and Adama/Roslin, and the conversations mesh well, but we're also looking at Helo/Sharon and Six/Gaius: "This is how you become the Other. This is the psychology, the projection, the way you stay alive on enemy lines." The comparison between Sharon and Gaius became important the second he ran to Three's basestar, but now it's essential.) "You're making an assumption that posterity will define this as genocide. If they do, at least there'll be someone alive to hate us for it. The Cylons are our mistake, we created them." She delivers all her lines in the softest, most regretful tone this week. Like Caprica and Three, crying at the cruelty they must do. "All right, Admiral Adama. As President, I have determined the Cylons be made extinct. The use of biological weapons is authorized." He sighs. "So say we all." And she laughs softly, just like Apollo in the brig: "... So say we all."

NCD2539. Raptors and a Viper squad jump in, weaving through space, waiting for the Cylons to come. Back in the hangar bay, Sharon and Racetrack suit up. Another decoy mission.

Helo climbs through Galactica's innards -- what did they call those tubes and halls on Star Trek? Didn't they have a name? It's like that. He comes to a lockbox on the wall, like a breaker box.

Athena's Raptor reaches NCD2539. CAP is away.

Helo unplugs something, a multicolored printer plug.

After a bunch of waiting around, the full Cylon party jumps in. Including a resurrection ship, luckily -- has that ever happened with an engagement like this before? "Time to execute our cylon prisoners. Call it in," he gaetas, and Apollo and Mathias head down. Apollo requests headshots, as a measure of charity. (You dangle a cure, they beg to die so they won't infect their people, and then you yank back the cure -- which you lied about to begin with -- and kill them in just the right place. You use the sick and dying as a new kind of bomb. The grossness, the sin of this, doesn't just lie in xenocide. It's a perversion from start to finish.)

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