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A Measure Of Salvation (2)

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When The Know-Nothings Get Control

"I think we're on the right trail, Laura," and this is the last interchange we'll get this week, so let's think about names for a second. What he's saying is, "Do you forgive me for letting Helo off the hook?" And the answer is: "Yes. We are on the right trail, Bill." Yes. The answer is yes; they fill in each other's blind spots. But on Colonial One there's an office, and in that office there's a desk, and in that desk there is a drawer, and inside you'll find a piece of paper and a looseleaf diary, and on that paper is written "Olympic Carrier," and in that diary are written the names of the dead. And that's a burden for a democratic leader, not for the leader of the military. That's Roslin's alone. We're on the right track, but she reminds him: "So are the Cylons." Eddie swallows and looks at her, and they sit in the middle of two places. And it's not what she means, and they don't know it yet, and I don't know if we'll ever see it come true, but everything that rises must converge: The Fleet's on the right track. And maybe, so are the Cylons, a long ways off. If you can't believe that, might as well throw it in right now, because Mutually Assured Destruction is not an option and it never was, it's a bet. And if the whole thing's a game, sometimes you gotta roll the hard Six.

Boom boom boom. Next week: Dixon from Alias with awesome hair -- no Marshall in tow, but I've got fingers crossed -- and a secret that I think might change everything for good.

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