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A Measure Of Salvation (2)

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When The Know-Nothings Get Control

As Athena's Raptor heads back to Galactica, the sick basestar explodes behind them, freaking Apollo out even more. Gaeta confirms from CIC that the ship exploded, and asks if they're okay -- apart from possibly contracting a deadly virus so bad ass that it even kills robots. "Must have self-destructed. You guys are lucky you got out when you did!" Apollo rogers the sentiment, and then stares at Sharon, who's acting totally weird. In addition to the other thing, her reaction at the data port -- which might just be me being weird -- I'm now thinking that the last thing she did was tell the ship to kill itself. Which is intriguing, and merciful, but also wipes out any other survivors, the bodies of the fallen, and the beacon itself. Which should make diagnosis more difficult at the least.

In Baltar's cell on the basestar, he is again: naked. The first movement, apparently, of Beethoven's 14th Sonata (the "Moonlight" one, Adagio Sostenuto) begins to play. We're dreamlike and slippery, again, moving from his waking to his standing to a conversation he's suddenly having, with Caprica and Three: "How long have you planned to betray us, Gaius?" He laughs; they look at him in sadness. Three really was pulling for him all that time, wasn't she? Last week I was struck by the similarities between Three and Adama; the way her face went when she had to abandon the sick basestar, the way he's had to do so many times before. She's making that face now. And Caprica, well, her heart is breaking: "You're only making this harder on yourself," she says. Like a pissed-off bossman. Like a schoolteacher. Baltar starts dancing his usual, listing all his wonderful accomplishments: Hera, the map to Earth... Three cuts in: "We know about the beacon, Gaius." Caprica's voice is shaky: "You knew it was out there. You knew it contained a deadly virus." He protests -- so weird to see him pull this shit and have it actually be true. But the really scary thing about Gaius Baltar is that as far as he's concerned, it always is. Caprica asks him, interrupting, if the virus came from Galactica; Three takes it to the next level: "Have you been in contact with them since you've been onboard? Or did you plan this before the evacuation of New Caprica?" Apparently even the Cylons know how bad they are at making Plans and sticking to them, to assume that the Fleet has anything like this amount of follow-through. Gaius makes puppy-dog eyes of sincerity and sexiness and speaks in an even, low tone. "This is a most profound misunderstanding. Uh, I had nothing to do with the virus or the beacon. Yes. Yes, I did discover it on the baseship. And I should have told you about it sooner, and I didn't. Um, because I thought, you know, you'd try and link me, you know, to the virus." Caprica and Three whisper secrets, fading back and forth to his ever-so-earnest face, suspicious and sad and getting angry. "Which is, hello, you know, what's going on right now. I was wrong, and it was a mistake, and I fully admit my responsibility. It will never happen again. And I hope you'll accept my most, uh, yeah, my most humble apology. On a brighter note, I have a working theory as to where this beacon may -- " And behind him, the Centurions arrive, steel feet on the floor, more and more of them assembled. "I'm sorry, Gaius," says Caprica, unable to look at him. "Things would have been so much simpler had you only told the truth," says Three, and explains he's going to get tortured now. If ever there were a time for a Chip Six fugue...

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