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A Measure Of Salvation (2)

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When The Know-Nothings Get Control

There we go. Gaius lies on Six's chaise lounge on the beach, wearing a white suit just like Three's. There is a very interesting thing about Chip Six which is confirmed in this episode: she's never told a single lie. Watch. "Relax," she says softly. "Have a drink." He whimpers, gasping, at the pain he's going through now that he's being tortured in reality. "It's all in your head, Gaius. Pain, pleasure...They're just neural impulses sent to the brain. You decide how to interpret them. They can be pleasant. Or unpleasant." Chip Six has about three different tasks to accomplish in this episode, and she does them all brilliantly. She's back to being my hero. In both the projection and the interrogation, Gaius screams. Three's got him hooked up to a pain device like in Dune, with a volume wheel like in The Princess Bride. And she's turning it up. Caprica looks like she's going to puke. "I want it to stop, Gaius," says Three. And she does. She's got a fucked up sense of priority, but when I said Cylons are never cruel -- and wasn't that a long, wrong time ago? -- it was somebody like her that I was thinking of. Nobody's ever been so sure they're right. Except everybody else on this show... except Gaius, actually. "I don't want you to feel this pain. And neither does Caprica, do you?" She's crying, stepping back not of her own volition. "No," she chokes out, and from the edge of something big, tears in his eyes, exhausted, he looks up at her: "I love you." It's interesting. On the relationship level, you have somebody who broke up with somebody in a literally explosive way, and lived with a vision of them in his head for years, and he dated girls that looked like her, just like a Hitchcock movie, and when they got back together, they kept trying. I don't think he loves Caprica anymore; they're both completely different people now. I think he'd be better off if he figured that out, because he's really not bringing his A game here.

Galactica quarantine, Hotdog's getting on Racetrack's nerves hella bad. "Feel anything yet?" Shut up. "You didn't touch any infected skinjobs!" Shut up. "Kiss my infected ass." Shut up. Cottle enters and gives her leave to kiss his ass as she sees fit, but informs them no asses are currently infected. "Got your bloodwork back; humans are immune to the virus. You're all healthy." Everybody hoots and hollers and Apollo gives everybody a quick round of applause for being human before ushering everybody out. And everybody goes, except for Sharon, whom Cottle tells to stay put. Out in the corridor, Racetrack walks by Helo, and she would say something I think, if he weren't looking over her head, at his wife. He grabs Cottle, wigging out. "No no no no no no," he says. "Please tell me she's okay." Cottle tells him Sharon's bloodwork isn't done yet, and Helo whines about how he's holding off because she's a Cylon so she goes last. And either Cottle's got a serious character arc coming up -- given the conversation with Three on New Caprica, that would make sense -- or Helo's being a big old baby. He's allowed. He shouts back through the cleanroom door to her, where her shoulders are very small and her back is very bent: "Sharon? You're gonna be okay. Promise." She nods, scared; reminded of what she is and is not. Helo yells at Cottle, to find him the second there's anything, and runs off. And inside the cleanroom, Athena cries, possibly sick, probably dying.

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