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A Measure Of Salvation (2)

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When The Know-Nothings Get Control

And the assembled leaders of humanity standing on Colonial One -- with the exception of Adama, who's never been so conspicuously silent and aware -- are not interested in hearing it. Which Helo realizes, and notes angrily: "So let's keep it on me. Yeah, I'm married to a Cylon. Who walked through hell for all of us ... how many times? And she's not half anything, okay. How do we know there aren't others like her? She made a choice. She's a person. They're a race of people. Wiping them out with a biological weapon is a crime against -- is a crime against humanity." And because not even Lee is this stupid, I'm going to give him a pass for the fact that both of them have worked themselves, at this point, into rhetorical culs-de-sac: "But they're not human, they're programmed." THEN WHOSE FUCKING HUMANITY IS IT A CRIME AGAINST? So not the point! This week -- the last two days -- have been really hard, thinking and talking about this stuff, watching people take sides, watching people so willing to exterminate the Other just in case. It's been frustrating. Because unstoppable robots on a killing spree is one thing, but that would be a stupid fucking show, and I wouldn't watch it, and I can't imagine why anybody would watch that show. If that were the show we were watching -- well, not "we," but you know what I mean -- then I'd say "Go for it! Kill 'em off! They're not people! This show is retarded!" Like: Charmed v. Buffy: One of them you are called upon to look at both sides, the other you don't have to. But they are people, and this show is not retarded, and there are questions without answers, but this is not one of them. And I wouldn't get so grossed out about all this if I didn't think Apollo -- who's tremendously well-written in this episode, he's like the new Sarah Porter -- represented a sizeable portion of actual, current American view. Which is terrifying, and ugly, and scares me to death. Still. Because this is a viewpoint that's already given up on its own soul's worth, protecting a box with nothing left inside. Making zombies to carry the very best guns.

Man, I can't believe I got through both paragraphs without once mentioning Cally. ... D'oh! Roslin nods to Helo and Apollo: "We will take your input under advisement. Thank you both." That's Roslin for "I have a special file for people that disagree with me today." Apollo leaves with unctuous thanks and Helo lingers; a sympathetic Adama dismisses him. Alone, Roslin and Adama have the following conversation with just their eyeballs:

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