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Galactica. Apollo puts another set of wings on one of the coffins, as the Priestess gets ready to wind things up. She says that they are "secure in the knowledge that [they] will be reunited with [the dead] in a better world to come."

Zak's funeral. Adama takes Starbuck's hand comfortingly. We linger on a large octagonal photo of Zak, who has a rather inappropriate smirk on his face. Judging solely by appearances, I'm thinking Apollo was the smarter brother.

And then we're in a flashback-within-a-flashback, as Starbuck and Zak cuddle in a bedroom lit by Tony Scott.

Galactica. Confused yet? Adama places the folded flag on a coffin. It's folded into a triangle. I can't believe that they missed out on this opportunity to really commit to the octagons. The Priestess says, "So say we all."

Zak's funeral. They all say so. We continue to cut back and forth between the funerals as everyone salutes and there's a gunfire salute (er, just at Zak's) and the launch bay's doors close (er, not at Zak's).

Adama's quarters. Adama offers Starbuck a glass of water. I hadn't noticed before that he still wears his wedding ring. Assuming that's what it is. They drink a toast to "pilots [they've] known." Then Adama says, "I have to start training new pilots." Starbuck chuckles and says that she figured that was coming. Adama smiles at her. Aw. Starbuck isn't sure she's the right person for the job. Adama asks, "You know someone better?' and Starbuck quickly admits, "No." Heh. She says there must be a flight instructor among all of the refugees. Adama admits that there are two, but they're civilians, and he needs someone to teach combat tactics. Starbuck continues to hesitate, but Adama cuts her off: "This is about Zak. It's not your fault."

Flashback to the miniseries. Starbuck tells Apollo that she passed Zak even though he failed basic flight.

Starbuck gulps down her water. Adama says, "Zak passed basic flight. He was trained and ready to sit in that cockpit." But see, we know different. Are we clear on that? Adama insists that the accident could have happened to anyone -- that Starbuck did her job. But that's not what's true! You might want to make a note of that. Adama concludes, "I need new pilots. And I want you to train them." Starbuck finally says, "I can do that," and smiles winningly. She finishes the water and stands up. Adama faces her and squeezes her arms, and it looks a little like he's checking her biceps. I think it's just a bit of awkwardness from someone who doesn't usually hug anyone, though. He says, "Just give them the attention and the professionalism that you gave my son." All right already! Jesus. Adama finally does pull Starbuck into a hug, and as soon as he can't see her face, Starbuck gets an expression that's a lot like the one Flat-Top had when he saw the drone coming at him. Hee.

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