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Maybe If Robert Culp Had Narrated...

Commercials. As I write this, the Chubacabra movie is due to start in ten minutes. I'm very excited.

Plummeting Viper.

Clouds of smoke waft up from Starbuck's cigar. She's in the rec room, playing poker with Baltar again. A pilot who will soon be identified as Crashdown bets ten cubits that Starbuck will win this time. Boomer takes the bet. She probably figures that, with a nickname like "Crashdown," that guy doesn't have luck on his side.

Starbuck's busy having a flashback to bedroom shenanigans with Zak. They cuddle, and Zak rubs a finger around her ear.

Starbuck strokes her finger over her ear. I wish this wasn't in close-up. I wouldn't mind being expected to make sense of the flashbacks and everything if they didn't spend so much time emphasizing things that are pretty clear. Baltar sniffs, "Thanks for the vote of confidence" and antes up. Starbuck's still busy reminiscing. She strokes her fingertips over her lips.

With apologies for my thievery to Dan Kwa and Daniel: FlashZak. Starbuck strokes Zak's lips.

Crashdown asks Gaeta how the Cylon detector is coming along. Gaeta plays dumb, and Crashdown casually mentions a rumor that Cylons look like people now.

FlashZak. Starbuck hops out of bed, and Zak says he has a question for her. Starbuck swings from a bottle in her locker and says, "You passed. By the skin of your teeth, but you passed." Zak says, "I don't want any special treatment. Not from my father, certainly not from you."

Gaeta says that if there were a program to detect Cylons, he wouldn't be allowed to talk about it. Baltar nicely distracts everyone by saying, "Something smells horribly in here. Is that you, Crashdown?" Crashdown sniffs and says, "Yeah, that's me." Heh. Baltar tells Starbuck that it's her turn. Starbuck blinks at him.

FlashZak. Starbuck crawls back into bed as she insists that she wouldn't have passed Zak if he wasn't ready.

Baltar asks Starbuck if she's all right.

FlashZak. Starbuck pants as Zak kisses her chest.

Zak's funeral. I wonder what the record is for the number of paragraphs in a recap.

Flashback to earlier in this episode: Adama salutes as the hanger doors close on the coffins.

FlashZak. No, seriously. This is ridiculous. I think we're all clear on Starbuck's issues, thank you! You can stop!

Baltar wonders if Starbuck would like to take a break. Starbuck suddenly puts her hand down and says, "I'm outta here." She exits. Crashdown whines, "Okay, she can't do that." Boomer notes that she did, and collects her winnings.

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