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Starbuck looks over the paperwork on the new recruits and complains to Apollo: "Boonie jumpers, shuttle jockeys, and a fleet academy washout." Apollo says that they're the most qualified civilians in the fleet. Starbuck sighs.

Ready room. Starbuck enters as the recruits chatter, and says, "Attention, on deck." The recruits ignore her. She clarifies: "That means get on your feet, nuggets!" The cowed recruits (hereafter "nuggets") stand. Starbuck explains that this is the Colonial Fleet, "not some after-school club." She grumpily tells them to sit, and strolls to the podium. She opens her remarks by saying, "Pilots call me Starbuck; you may refer to me as God." And so on. She explains that they don't have flight simulators, so they'll be flying real Vipers starting that day. She points to some lovely display boards of Viper specs and explains that today they'll go over launch and landing procedures. Starbuck says that anyone who doesn't pay attention "is liable to end up as a puddle of something to get hosed out of the cockpit by the chief of the deck." One of the nuggets is apparently doing some Top Gun bit with his pen that I didn't get because I only managed to sit through that movie when it was on Monstervision by not paying much attention to it. When Starbuck turns to remove the helpful charts describing the Viper, the guy tells his neighbor that Starbuck is "laying it on a little thick." And poof, Starbuck is in his face, dubbing him "Hotdog" and saying, "When God speaks, you listen. Maybe if you'd learned that at the academy, you wouldn't have washed out." She winks at him, then snatches the cap off of his neighbor's head, tells another recruit to sit up, and returns to the podium. Teachers don't get paid enough.

The nuggets are flying their Vipers for the first time. One is approaching the Galactica for a landing. And also weaving back and forth in a slightly sickening way. Starbuck advises the pilot, Kat, as she heads for the landing bay. Kat sounds terrified as she comes in for a landing. Her Viper bounces, and sparks fly as the landing gear skids against the deck. I'm not convinced this is the best way to train them. Couldn't they start in a Raptor, since there they could watch how someone else does takeoffs and landings? Even if the controls are different it seems like that might work better. Anyway, Starbuck orders Kat to "punch it," and Kat zooms back into space.

Starbuck tells the nuggets that they were "wretched beyond belief." After a moment Kat sniffs, "With due respect, captain, that's unfair." Another nugget notes that this was their first day. Starbuck sniffs, "No, it's your last. It'd be criminal to let any of you near a Viper again." She tells them to pack their gear and buzz off.

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