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Maybe If Robert Culp Had Narrated...

Starbuck enters the rec room and sniffs a coffee urn disapprovingly. Apollo enters, all agog at the papers he's reading, and tells Starbuck, "You can't wash them out in their first day." Starbuck says that she did. Apollo argues that he's got forty ships and twenty-one pilots, and points out that they're all sitting ducks until they've finished replenishing their water supply. Starbuck doesn't care, and suggests bringing in the next group of candidates. Apollo says that the next group hasn't ever flown before. Starbuck still doesn't care. Apollo says, "Lieutenant Thrace, this is not a request." Starbuck snides, "Well, Captain Adama, I am the flight instructor, sir. My word is scripture, sir. I will not, repeat, not, pass another student who isn't ready." Apollo picks up on the "another" and smirkingly notes that this is about Zak. Please note that I do not blame him for smirking. But he totally is. Starbuck and Apollo clench their jaws at each other briefly, and Starbuck grunts, "Careful..." Apollo tells her, "Step back." Good for him. Starbuck marches out.

Commercials. So far on Chubacabra, someone broke their leg by, like, walking. And Deputy Doug is in it! Poor thing. I guess I should feel sorry for Jonathan Rhys-Davies, too, but somehow I just don't.

Plummeting Starbuck. She pulls the eject doohickey and pops out of the cockpit. Whee!

Cut to an octagonally framed photo of Adama and his kids. Adama is talking to Apollo about the nuggets, and basically says that he trusts Starbuck's judgment. Apollo says, "I think she's letting her personal feelings cloud her judgment." Adama invites his son to sit down, calling him, "Captain." Dude. It sucks to be Apollo. But I still don't think he's very bright. Apollo sits, and looks like an uncomfortable schoolboy as Adama perches on the edge of his desk. I do love the contrast between the way Adama was so casual with Starbuck earlier, and is so formal with his son here. Adama asks what feelings Apollo's talking about. Apollo says, "About Zak." Adama says he already discussed that with Starbuck. Apollo's dumbfounded. The other thing I love is that Adama figures that, if Starbuck says something isn't affecting her, then it isn't affecting her. It totally hasn't occurred to him that people might repress, or lie about, their emotions. It's frustrating as hell to actually deal with someone like that, so I don't mean that I like it in real life, but as a piece of characterization it's cool. Anyway, Adama says that he's known Starbuck for two years, and he figured that teaching the nuggets would "bring back a lot of loose baggage" for Starbuck. And perhaps mix up any metaphors in the area. Apollo continues to look dumbfounded, and finally asks Adama to talk to Starbuck, noting, "She almost decked me in the rec room." Adama makes a face that's probably meant to be "Oh, that darn Starbuck," but I'm gonna pretend it's "Yeah, well, we've all wanted to deck you sometimes." Adama agrees to talk to her, and Apollo starts to leave, but then stops and says, "I think she's trying to work out her guilt over what she did for Zak." Adama hisses, "Guilt? Over what? What did she do for Zak?" If Apollo looked bewildered before, now he looks like he's been hit on the head with a skillet. He stammers, "I've already said more than I should have. You'll have to ask her; I'm sorry." Adama tries to press him, saying, "Captain," and Apollo whines, "Da-ad, you'll have to ask her." Exit Apollo.

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