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Maybe If Robert Culp Had Narrated...

Starbuck opens her locker and looks at the picture of her, Zak, and Apollo. Zak voice-overs about how he doesn't want special treatment from her. Oh my lord, we get it!

FlashZak. With the same photo on the locker behind her, Starbuck again tells Zak that he passed. Okay, wait. Are they having sex on a bed in the locker room? Because that's odd.

Starbuck stares at the photo as she's called to Adama's quarters over the PA.

Adama is gazing at a different octagonally-framed photo of a kid I'll assume is young Zak. Starbuck knocks and enters. Apollo steps behind his desk and says that Apollo suspects that the nuggets didn't get a fair chance because Starbuck's still dealing with her feelings about Zak's death. Starbuck stiffly insists, "That isn't the case." Adama waits a second and says, "Okay." Adama moves around the desk to stand in front of Starbuck and says that Apollo mentioned something else that he wants to ask about. Starbuck totally knows what's coming, and doesn't want to. Adama says, "He said that you might have been feeling guilty about something you did for Zak. What did you do for him?" Starbuck insists that she doesn't know what Apollo meant. Adama cuts her off with a gruff "Don't fence with me, Kara. I love you like a daughter. I don't deserve that." Starbuck finally says, "Um, Zak failed basic flight. He wasn't a bad pilot, he just had no feel for flying." Adama's face gets more and more menacing as she continues, "I should have flunked him but I didn't. The bottom line is that your son didn't have the chops to fly a Viper, and it killed him." She looks up to meet Adama's gaze, and I have to give her credit for courage on that one.

Flashback. Adama tells Starbuck that Zak told him all about her. He says that Zak was hinting about something in his last letter, and asks what it was. Starbuck says, "We were going to, um... You know what, it's not important." Adama guesses that Zak and Starbuck were engaged.

Adama tells Starbuck, "You did it because you were engaged." Starbuck starts crying as she says that she was so in love with Zak that it got in the way of her doing her job. "He just wanted it so much, and I didn't want to be the one who crushed him." I think this serves as a nice illustration of why Tigh was so down on crewmen dating each other. Adama tells Starbuck to reinstate the nuggets. Starbuck says that she will, and quaveringly adds, "I just want you to understand that I --" "Do your job!" Adama says in his most Satanic rasp. That brings Starbuck up short. Adama adds, "And walk out of this cabin while you still can." Adama rocks. Starbuck turns gaspingly and exits, and through the hatch we see her clutching her head like it's exploding as she walks away. Which also makes me like her. I think Starbuck just bugs me when she's spunky. When she's either giggly or tormented, I'm okay with her.

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