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Riot In Spaceship 11

Starbuck enters Tigh's quarters to show him her cleavage. Or, wait, she's actually carrying a flask, and the cleavage is just incidental. I guess. She hands Tigh a cup, taking one for herself, and pours them each a shot, then gulps it down. Tigh sniffs the cup skeptically, then drinks before asking, "What the hell is this? Water?" Starbuck smirks that it is water, and that there's plenty more. She tries to bond by saying, "I have my flaws, too." Tigh stiffly says, "The difference is, my flaws are personal. Yours are professional." Starbuck almost chokes on her water. Heh. He's not wrong. Tigh thanks Starbuck for the water and dismisses her. Starbuck, looking astonished that anyone could genuinely dislike her spunky self, sidles out.

Tyrol and some of the ground crew visit Cally in her sickbed for some inspirational razzing. One guy asks if it's true that she bit a guy's ear off, and Cally says, "He's lucky that's all I bit off." The men chuckle indulgently, and Tyrol says, "That's my girl," and it's all fairly creepy and I'm not sure it's intended that way. I can sorta see guys acting that way around Cally, but yeah, icky.

The Prez is reading the book she got from Adama when Apollo enters her quarters. Apollo wants to explain that he wasn't being disloyal to her, and the Prez says that she admires his principles. Then she asks him to sit down, and after a slight hesitation, she tells Apollo that she has cancer. She swears Apollo to secrecy, saying, "Whether or not I survive this, it is of great importance to me that there's a future for the people. And I fear that knowledge of my illness will erode hope." Apollo assures her that she can trust him. The Prez teases him, saying, "I know I can; you're Captain Apollo," and she grins, and Mary McDonnell is just adorable. Apollo, of course, just looks embarrassed, but who cares about him?

Next time: sexy Starbuck flashbacks. Well, that'll either win me over to her, or determine that she's just as annoying as I suspect. Good times, either way. Oh, and I enjoy the ongoing violence in the R&D TV production card.

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