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Riot In Spaceship 11

Credits. Spaceships. Explosions. Spaceships. Explosions. Spaceships. Explosions. I like it. It speaks to me. The music's a nice incidental piece, but not much of a theme song. You should be able to hum a theme song, damn it. For the sake of trivia contests, if nothing else. I dig the blipvert of scenes from the current episode at the end, though.

When we return, Wilkins helps us out by asking who Zarek is. Billy says, "He's a freedom fighter. He's a prisoner of conscience." Deanna snorts, "He's a butcher." Billy argues that Zarek's people were being exploited, but Deanna says, "I'm from Sagitarron. That man does not speak for all of us. He blew up a government building." Billy pshaws. Cally tells Apollo that if the prisoners have refused, they should move on. But Apollo wants to try making his case directly to Zarek. He really thinks that "freedom points" thing is going to be a hit, doesn't he?

Caprica. A caption helpfully informs us that it's been twelve days since the attack. Helo and Boomer have reached a deserted city. Or "the" deserted city. I'm unclear. Helo shouts for help until Boomer asks him to hush up. Helo says, "Feel like I'm in a movie," heh. 28 Days Later... does leap to mind. If this show had zombies, it would be perfect. Well, and pirates. Boomer rather dopily wonders where everyone is, and Helo suggests, "Some are dead." The captions read, "Somewhere dead," which is a much funnier answer, but I don't think that's what he actually said. Helo figures that those who survived long enough to flee did. And died somewhere else. A noise attracts their attention to a corpse rats are feeding on. Boomer gags for a bit until Helo suggests that they find a hospital and look for more anti-radiation meds. "We've only got two days' worth left," he expositions, and then reassures her that someone must be watching out for them.

Pan up to a rooftop, where Six and Leisure Suit Larry are doing just that. Larry admires Boomer's technique, and Six sniffs such that Larry wonders if she's jealous. Six looks at the cityscape and says, "This all makes me so sad." Larry insists, "They would have destroyed themselves anyway. They deserved what they got." Six says, "We're the children of humanity. That makes them our parents, in a sense." Way to be redundant, Six. Maybe the Cylons wiped everyone out for giving them lines Ed Wood would have tossed out. This show's had good dialogue, for the most part, but wow. Larry says that in order for children to "come into their own," parents have to die. Okay, new theory: maybe the Cylons watched too much Babylon 5?

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