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Riot In Spaceship 11

Commercials. I don't know why the Sci-Fi channel has a bad rep when it brings us quality films like Chupacabra: Dark Seas. I mean, come on. It's a story that needs to be told. Hey, did you see that one about the giant snakehead fish roaming the inaccessible wilderness of Maryland? That was genius.

When we return, Adama tells the Prez that they've jammed any further transmissions from the prison ship. The Prez rightly notes, "A little bit late for that." Adama's all "nobody's gonna listen to the crazy terrorist," and the Prez is all, "we're so screwed," and it's nice, because I believe that's how they'd react. The Prez notes that Zarek spent "twenty years in prison over a matter of principle," and points out that there are already riots over the water shortage. Once again, I feel like that should be a bigger factor in this episode. Are the soldiers suppressing the riots? Is it up to each ship to cope? The Prez asks, "When are you going in?" Adama says he thought the Prez would want to talk to Zarek, but she pffts, "There's nothing to talk about. What he wants, I can't give him." Adama finally says that he's not ready to go in, and asks the Prez to stall for him. The Prez grumps that this is playing into Zarek's hands: "He wants to be recognized. He wants his crimes validated." I just adore Mary McDonnell. Not for anything in particular here, but just in general. The Prez adds that her predecessor offered Zarek a full pardon if he'd renounce violence as a means of political change, and Zarek refused. She says there will be no deals. Adama says, "I'll let you know what happens." Well, duh. He hangs up and turns to listen in as Starbuck details her plan to Tigh.

Starbuck is marking up blueprints of the Astral Queen as she describes how she and her team will retake the ship. Tigh isn't keen on having Starbuck involved, and Adama suggests that they let their remaining Marines handle it. Starbuck says, "They don't have a sniper. And with all due respect, sir, I am the best shot, in or out of the cockpit." Tigh says, "She's right. For once." Heh. Adama approves Starbuck's plan, and tells her that if she gets a clear shot at Zarek, she should take it.

Dualla idly wonders how she got this assignment, and Billy confesses that it's his fault, and apologizes. Dualla declares that it's nice to get out and meet new people. She's pretty. I have no real opinion of her beyond that.

Mason sits in the cell next to Cally's and says, "You're not asleep." Cally opens her eyes and concedes, "Not anymore." Dualla and Billy watch tensely as Mason asks if Cally is pretending that she's not scared. Cally smirks that she's quite genuinely tired. Mason says that she doesn't know what tired is, which is a nice callback to "33." Cally grunts, "Right," and Mason snaps, "Don't mock me, little girl!" He says that he and Zarek are old pals, so Cally should be nice to him. Cally just snuggles down into her bunk as if she's going back to sleep.

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