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Riot In Spaceship 11

Starbuck heads out with the Marines. Tigh wishes them "good hunting."

In the control room, Zarek is lecturing Apollo about how the Prez wasn't elected legitimately. I wait for Apollo to say, "Dude, it's been twelve days since we were almost annihilated. Not much point in having elections if we all die during the campaign." I suspect I'm going to have to wait a long time for Apollo to think that fast on his feet. The best he can do is to insist, "We need a government. We need rules. We need a leader." Zarek argues, "We need to be free men and women. If we're not free, then we're no different than Cylons." Why do I think that there's a Cylon corollary to Godwin's law? Also, during this scene I realized that Apollo isn't restrained at all. Zarek's way confident. Or way stupid. Or both. Zarek notes that Apollo is one of the Lords of Kobol, and figures that he must be pretty special to rate that kind of callsign. Zarek pontificates, "Son of Zeus, good with a bow, god of the hunt, and also a god of healing." He tells Apollo that a god can reconcile opposing forces, "but a mortal has to pick one side, or the other." Oh, look. It's a theme.

Zarek and Apollo are interrupted by the comm system when Gaeta says that Adama wants to chat. Zarek grunts, "Zeus is calling," which is funny. Zarek moves over to the radio or whatever and asks Adama, "How can I help you?" He does have balls, I'll give him that. Adama wants to make sure everyone's okay, so Zarek waves Apollo over to say hi to daddy. Apollo says that everyone's okay, and starts to mention, "They're located on the lower --" before Zarek shoves him away. Zarek asks Adama, "How long until you storm the ship?" Adama says he doesn't want to do that, but Zarek smugs, "Your men are on their way." Zarek tells Adama that they have to have elections, and Adama nixes that. Zarek concludes, "Then I look forward to meeting your men," and ends the conversation.

The Marines' ships scoot under the Astral Queen, flip over, and attach themselves to the the hull.

Mason opens Cally's cell and steps inside. Cally instantly sits up, wide awake. Dualla and Billy watch. Mason thinks that Cally doesn't respect him, but Cally says that she does. He orders Cally to stand up, and she does. Billy gets as far as shouting, "Hey!" before Mason aims a gun at him. Cally quickly shakes her head at Billy, and then Mason leads her out of the cell. Dualla demands to know what Mason's doing, but he ignores her. Dualla calls reassurances to Cally as Billy shouts for Apollo. Eek.

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