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Disco Inferno

After the ceremony concludes, Apollo pulls escort duty for Mary's passenger liner. He's supposed to follow them back to Caprica, although it's best for everyone if you don't ask why. Just know that it's an essential plot point, and move on. Ever conscious of her desire for a promotion, Boomer takes this one last opportunity to kiss some Adama ass by telling Apollo it was an honor to fly with him. She does not, however, say anything about his gimbal.

This brings us straight into our long-awaited "end of the world" montage. Mary looks pensive in her seat in the passenger liner's first-class section. Baltar looks sad sitting in his condominium. He's watching TV, and the split screen features two newscasters talking over one another about the explosions that have just started going off. Suddenly, the left screen fades to snow, and then a few seconds later the blast wave hits the reporter on the right, and that signal drops out as well. Nicely done. This show does at least deserve credit for being one of the most tasteful portrayals of nuclear war you're likely to ever see. "What have I done?" moans Baltar. Number Six, meanwhile, has used the apocalypse as an excuse for a costume change, and she's now added some sequins to her otherwise see-through ensemble. It's good to know that Cher is still alive and setting fashion trends in the future. Because I'm sure we were all so worried. Baltar demands to know what her escape plan is, because he can't imagine that she'd be willing to just stay on Caprica and get blown up. Just as he says it, however, another flash of light is visible on the horizon, and he cringes with despair. Six ignores the blast, and explains that as soon as she dies, her consciousness will just be transferred to a different body, and she'll wake up somewhere else. "You mean there's more like you?" Baltar asks. "There are twelve models," she answers. "I'm Number Six." Well, at least we got that cleared up. Baltar cries like a little girl, and then the blast wave from that explosion we just saw rips through the apartment and we fade to black.

Cut to space, where we see nukes exploding all across Caprica. Over on the Galactica, Olmos is relaxing in his quarters when he gets a call from Commodore 64. It seems they've just received a message from headquarters, transmitted in the clear: "Attention all Colonial units, Cylon attack underway. This is no drill." Adama says he'll be right there, but apparently his idea of "right away" includes a lengthy pause for a word from our sponsors.

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