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Battlestar Galactica, Part I

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Galactica. Olmos is hogging the loudspeaker again, and telling the crew that Caprica City has been nuked into oblivion along with the rest of the colonies. Everyone listens, frozen in place. Finally, Corporal Dirty Girl turns to Starbuck, and asks how many people lived in Caprica City. "Seven million," is the answer, and then Olmos takes over again: "Mourn the dead later. Right now, the best thing we can do is get this ship into the fight."

The HMS Titanic. Mary heads to the cockpit, and confirms with the pilot that Caprica City has gone bye-bye. He hands her an octagonal print-out with the news, and she actually has to hold his hand to stop it from shaking. Oh, yeah. That's the guy I want flying my plane. She tells him that she should be the one to announce this to the passengers, because she's a member of the government and it's her responsibility. You know, because the politicians are totally who people are going to want to hear from right now.

Predictably, the passengers freak out when she tells them. She tries to keep everyone calm, and starts ordering people to prepare for an extended stay on board the ship. Poor Man's Kevin Spacey, however, wants to know who died and made her the boss. Well, everyone, actually, but we don't know that yet. She sends him down to the cargo hold to make a living space, and it's at this point that I finally noticed that PMKS only has two jackets: one red and one green. There's probably some kind of significance attached to which he chooses to wear at any given moment, but I haven't been able to crack the code yet. Mary also stops to check in with Lackey Howser, who reports that his entire family lived in Caprica City, and are now just radioactive dust, blowing in a CGI wind. The Captain pops his head in to announce that he's set up a communications link for Mary to talk with the government, and she gives Lackey Howser an incredibly patronizing "buck up, little camper" nudge before heading back to the cockpit.

Once there, she discovers that no one even knows if the President is still alive. She's also told that the Cylons have made no demands, and didn't even respond to an offer of unconditional surrender. Then the Captain suddenly gets a message that a Cylon missile is approaching, and Apollo breaks off to try and shoot it down. He's successful in that effort, largely because the laws of inertia have suddenly been turned back on, and he's able to slew his Viper around and fly backwards while he targets the missile. It does, however, damage Daddy's Viper, and he's forced to land back on the Titanic and hope that he's not going to get grounded for wrecking the family car.

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