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Battlestar Galactica, Part I

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We come back to the sight of a bunch of badly burned bodies being removed from the Galactica's landing bay. Master Chief Lovewrench checks the damage while Colonel McCain tells Adama that eighty-five people died. He also tells him that he found the ammunition they'll need at a place called the "Ragnar Anchorage." Corporal Dirty Girl, meanwhile, holds the charred remains of Private First Class Now Officially Dead Guy, and cries for her lost chance at love. Aww. Don't cry, Dirty Girl. I know the perfect guy for you!

After seeing her dismay, Master Chief Lovewrench runs off to bitch to Commander Adama that McCain killed all those people needlessly. He also calls the colonel a "son of a bitch." Ooh! Them's fighting words. Adama, however, backs his XO to the hilt, and says that he would have made the exact same decision. Lovewrench accepts this, because Olmos is never, ever wrong, and once he leaves, McCain comes back over to announce that they can't fly to Ragnar because it's too far away. Adama wants to make a Faster Than Light jump (heretofore known as "FTL"), but McCain points out that they haven't done one of those in twenty-two years. Actually, it's twenty-five, but why nitpick? Olmos orders him to plot the course anyway, and then Ensign Uhura comes over and tearfully informs them that every other Battlestar in the fleet has been destroyed. "Send a message," barks Adama. "I'm taking command of the fleet." Dun dun DUH!

The Hindenbreast. Except now it's officially "Colonial One," so I can dispense with the mammary nicknames. They're busy docking with all the stranded ships, but up in the cockpit, Apollo is getting an octagram from Dad. He wants everyone to regroup at Ragnar, but Mary refuses to leave until they've found all the survivors. She also wants Galactica to come help them out. Apollo informs her that The Olmos isn't going to like that idea, so she plays her new President card and makes it an order. Than Apollo feels compelled to inform her that he's actually Adama's son, but she already knew that. "Captain Apollo has nice ring to it, don't you think?" she asks. Sure it does. Just ask Richard Hatch, who's probably pissed that he's not even the most famous Richard Hatch anymore.

Back on Galactica, Olmos reads an octagram of his own. Much as Apollo predicted, he's not happy with the whole "rescue the survivors" plan, and he orders Uhura to get them on the horn. He has a surprisingly business-like discussion with his son, considering the situation, although he does manage to slam Mary for being unprepared for battle just as she comes into the cockpit to overhear it. Ain't that always the way? The conversation is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a Cylon fighter that's menacing Colonial One. Apollo wants to make an immediate FTL jump, but Mary flat-out refuses, despite the fact that they have no way to defend themselves. Then Apollo remembers something, and races out of the cockpit.

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