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Battlestar Galactica, Part I

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Disco Inferno

And then we cut back to Galactica, where everyone is tracking the inbound Cylon on the radar screen. Adama tries futilely to warn his son, but Apollo is already down in the cargo bay messing with those "electrical pulse generators" like we all knew he would be. Adama stares at the radar screen in horror as the fighter closes in, and then Colonial One is wiped out by a haze of static. Everyone looks sad, because their favorite boss just lost his only remaining son, but you totally can tell they're also secretly happy, because Apollo was a prick and maybe Olmos will adopt one of them now and they can all live happily ever after in Adamaville. Or something like that. Colonel McCain offers the boss a manly hug, and Commodore 64 makes an ill-timed expositional foray by specifying that Colonial One was destroyed by a fifty-kiloton explosion. And with that, we finally fade to black on the end of Part One.

And just for the record, anyone who actually thinks Apollo is dead isn't allowed to read the Part Two recap. Don't think I won't be checking.

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