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The Day After

The exchange ultimately does have its desired effect, though, because Starbuck immediately turns her Viper around and flies back to where Apollo is drifting. Her solution to his loss of control? She rams him, locks their Vipers together like a pair of junior high school students exchanging their first post-orthodontia French kiss, and basically shoves him all the way back into the landing bay. I'll spare you the suspense (because I'm sure it's just killing you) and tell you now that they both make it back on board successfully. As soon as they're down, Adama orders the Galactica to jump, and the ship vanishes just as a half-dozen missiles were about to strike. Commercials.

Just as an aside, I'd like you all to know that I'm apparently congenitally unable to type the words "commercials," "sergeant," or "necessary" without making a typo. It's starting to get really annoying. But it's still not as annoying as my tendency to keep referring to Mary McDonnell as Mary Matalin.

After the commericals, that priest with the funny robe from President Mary's swearing-in ceremony is conducting a funeral for those who were killed. The entire cast stands at attention in the crowded landing bay. Everyone except for the one extra who keeps falling asleep, that is. Hee! Once the ceremony is over, Adama steps forward to deliver a speech of his own. It's quite lengthy, and he frequently stops to make everyone chant "so say we all" at particularly dramatic intervals, but what it all boils down to is that Adama knows where Earth is, and he's going to lead his still-not-fugitive-or-rag-tag fleet all the way there. This engenders much cheering and applause from the non-SAG-card-holding members of the crew, and a few skeptical glances from Apollo, Colonel McCain, and President Mary. I should also note that this scene proves that Corporal Dirty Girl cleans up quite nicely. But not as nice as Boomer, who is standing in the front row with Boxey.

After everyone is dismissed, Colonel McCain pays Starbuck a little visit in her quarters. He tries to apologize, and he's actually quite nice about it. Starbuck, on the other hand, calls him a bastard, and says that he's both "weak" and "a drunk." And we're supposed to like this girl? I don't think so. McCain returns her to flight status anyway, and then leaves with the tension between them still fully in place and ready to be explored in series format.

Adama's quarters. Okay, remember what I said about never casting Edward James Olmos in a role that requires physical exertion? Yeah. He should also never be cast in a role that requires him to eat spaghetti. Ew. I can assure you, there was definitely a reason why Harrison Ford was always the one eating the noodles in their scenes together from Blade Runner. That's just…nasty. President Mary drops by for a little visit of her own, and this apology scene goes much more smoothly than the last one. Both sides magnanimously admit that they were wrong, and then Mary presses him for details about whether or not Earth is actually real. Adama confesses that it isn't, and further reveals that he only told the crew what he did to give them hope. The only thing giving me hope right now is the rapidly advancing green bar on my TiVo telling me this thing is almost over. Mary agrees to keep his secret, in exchange for Adama recognizing her legal authority as President of the remaining survivors. None of whom voted for her, by the way. In fact, none of them even seems to know who she is. I mean, come on. She was the Secretary of Education, for God's sake. Can YOU name the current Secretary of Education? (It's some guy named Rod Paige. Thank you, Google!) They shake on this agreement like a couple of Florida vote counters, and we go to our final commercial break as everyone frantically starts checking the last few items off their octagonal denouement checklists.

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