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Battlestar Galactica, Part II

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The Day After

Downstairs, Starbuck is still staring at her photo of Apollo, only now she's praying for the "Lords of Kobol" to take his soul and the souls of all the others killed in battle. And if "Kobol" is heaven, does that make Fortran hell? Just curious. From there we cut back to Private Ryan, for a sweeping crane shot of him holding the dog tags amongst a sea of body bags. And then the Galactica finally arrives at the Anchorage, and we see the ship docking with a giant, multi-ringed space station. For the record, the term "hard seal" is used no less than four times in the space of fifteen seconds here. I personally like to picture an otter with a leather jacket and a nose ring, but that's probably not what they're really talking about. Master Chief Lovewrench leads his crew into the station, where they immediately spread out and start looking for those "bullets" the boss is so desperate to find. And find them they do, although perhaps not in the way they were expecting. It seems someone else has already beaten them to the Anchorage, because a dude I'll just call Sweaty Guy for now is standing in the middle of the room, pointing a gun at Master Chief Lovewrench. Oddly enough, no one seems to notice this except Lovewrench himself.

Colonial One. Boomer has arrived on board now, and also somehow managed to park her ship in the same cargo bay as Apollo. With Lovewrench busy being held at gunpoint, Apollo has taken over the Cruise Director duties, and is welcoming Boomer and her civilians to the ship. While he struggles to maintain his American accent, she manages to deliver even more exposition about the Cylons' ability to shut down all their modern technology, just to hammer home the point that it was Apollo's old-school Viper that saved his life. When Baltar steps out into the cargo bay, Boomer snarks out loud that she hopes he's worth the life of Sacrificial Stan, and Apollo, who never even met Stan, is forced to agree. Then he tells Baltar that the President is waiting to speak with him. The only problem is that Baltar has apparently never heard of Mary McDonnell. Heh. If only I could say the same. It would mean that I'd never seen Dances with Wolves, for starters. Or Blue Chips, or Independence Day, or even Donnie Darko, for that matter. I'll give her Sneakers, though. That movie rocked. ["Oh, so you're the other person who thinks so. Cool." -- Sars]

Once everyone has moved from the cargo hold up to first class, Mary introduces herself to Baltar and asks him to serve as her chief scientific analyst and resident Cylon expert. Then she orders Boomer to go out and find as many survivors as possible, so they can all form a "convoy" and fly out of the combat zone. Oh, come on. Couldn't they at least be a rag-tag convoy? You're killing me here!

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