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The Day After

President Mary, meanwhile, has found herself aboard a Botanical ship that has joined her not-at-all fugitive or rag-tag fleet of survivors. Those of you on minority watch will be pleased to know that the captain of this ship is the only African-American male to appear in the entire miniseries. So you totally know what's coming, right? Mary makes chit-chat with this guy about his power needs and the survivors he has with him, and then notices a cute little girl sitting off in a corner and playing with a doll. She goes over to chat with the kid, because no one will care when the black guy gets killed, but a dead little girl is a guaranteed tug on the heart strings. There's no way Ron Moore is going to pass on a chance to soften you up a bit first, however, so the kid tells Mary that her parents were on Caprica (and are therefore dead, or at the very least glowing in the dark), and then she delivers the following lengthy list of her plans for the evening: "My parents are going to meet me at the spaceport in Caprica City. We're going out for dinner, and I'm going to have chicken pie. And then we're going home. And then Daddy is going to read to me. And then I'm going to bed." What, no skipping through the meadows? No family game night? No lovable robotic puppy? Come on, Ron. You're losing your touch.

But he hasn't lost it completely, because at least Mary McDonnell is crying, even if no one else is. She's back on Colonial One, and she's soon joined by Apollo, who reports that Boomer has found a refueling ship, so everyone can fill up their tanks now. That brings their total up to sixty ships in the convoy, although your guess is as good as mine as to which ones are commanded by Kris Kristofferson and Ali McGraw. Unfortunately, only forty of them have FTL capabilities, so Apollo wants to start transferring survivors from the other twenty as soon as possible. He won't get that chance, however, because a Cylon fighter jumps right into the middle of their formation, scans the convoy, and then jumps back out again before anyone can stop him. Uh oh.

This development precipitates a meeting in the Oval First Class Section, with Apollo counseling Mary to leave immediately, and abandon everyone in the ships that can't make an FTL jump. PMKS, however, wants to stay, and try to rescue survivors until the last possible minute. That'll be important later. Apollo's concern is that the Cylons could appear at any minute and wipe them out before they even have a chance to react. "We'll be saving tens of thousands [of lives]," he says. "I'm sorry to make it a numbers game, but we're talking about the survival of our race here, and we don't have the luxury of taking risks and hoping for the best. Because if we lose, we lose everything." Including consciousness and our lunches, apparently, what with the nausea-inducing spin-move the camera has been performing for this entire scene. The buck (and thankfully, the camera) stops with President Mary, and after a moment's thought she decides that everyone who can make an FTL jump should do so immediately. Poor Man's Kevin Spacey isn't happy about this, and he stomps back to his seat in protest. He's also got his red blazer on for this scene, if you're keeping score.

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